Super in love with the brand Ganni. This comfy casual dress has been in use a lot.
They have great everyday pieces with  nice little details like the low waist frill here. The brand itself is Danish and for some reason even though it has been founded in 2000 I've been familiar with it only for about a year or so.


Mood for this Fall

I go through my wardrobe twice a year to determine the mood of what I feel like wearing for the upcoming season. This is also the time I get rid of things and transfer past seasons clothes to their boxes and put them away, like now it's time to put summer clothes away. For some reason there's only two moods for me, warm or cold. I tend to ignore the coldest Winter and Spring altogether since basically you just end up wearing the same stuff as during Fall but with loads of (or less) layers.
This is the time I go back to black. And this outfit below would be the perfect Fall mood for me.

Picture from matchesfashion.com, dress 10 Crosby Derek Lam


100 days of Summer

...the last 100 days have been the best. Now, time to focus in Fall and keeping energy levels up despite the decreasing sunshine and rays of light per day.

Photos 1.; 2.; and 3. are taken in the Caribbean (B.W.I to be specific while honeymooning), photos 4. and 5. are from Åland and its archipelago while vacationing this Summer.


Perfect Summer Playlist

Poolside or on the beach. These tunes are on my summer music list.


Ballet flats

My dancing shoes for all the great parties coming this Summer.


The Shoes

When I started to look for my wedding dress/look I started with shoes. Yes, I know this is not probably the most usual way but it was the obvious choice for me since I'm the shoe-lover.

I have quite good sense what I like and don't like but with my wedding shoes I did couple of trial and errors. My fiance could not (for the traditional reason of not knowing what I wear beforehand) advise me on this one so I really was not 100% sure what to pick. I knew I would want something that lasts time so I would not regret my choice after 10 or 30 years. I wanted something classic but with a little something so that it would make the pair interesting. I was going for pink (the Valentino I first opted for)... but then I found these and knew these were the perfect pair. And I have one pair of the same shoe in different style so I already knew these would fit me perfect and the heel is not unbearably high so my feet can take a lot of dancing in this pair.


In my Beauty Box

One year ago my cosmetics case would have looked a lot different. More and more natural products are replacing old favorites. New favorites have been found. Caudalie is one of those brands. If you're interested in these products, read more here.


Two Beauties Ready for Parties

There's going to be two wonderful wedding parties this Summer and these lovely pieces will finally get some action.


My love for Charlotte Olympia

Charlotte Olympia has fast become my favorite shoe designer. If they would just cost a little less they would be the perfect go-to party heels and I would fill my closets with them. However, a great shoe lover like me doesn't really mind an obstacle like that (meaning price...) -- one just have to stay alert for the discounts. And a well made pair will last forever.
This lovely pair was my sales find last winter. At the moment I like suede over anything for some reason.