The Shoes

When I started to look for my wedding dress/look I started with shoes. Yes, I know this is not probably the most usual way but it was the obvious choice for me since I'm the shoe-lover.

I have quite good sense what I like and don't like but with my wedding shoes I did couple of trial and errors. My fiance could not (for the traditional reason of not knowing what I wear beforehand) advise me on this one so I really was not 100% sure what to pick. I knew I would want something that lasts time so I would not regret my choice after 10 or 30 years. I wanted something classic but with a little something so that it would make the pair interesting. I was going for pink (the Valentino I first opted for)... but then I found these and knew these were the perfect pair. And I have one pair of the same shoe in different style so I already knew these would fit me perfect and the heel is not unbearably high so my feet can take a lot of dancing in this pair.

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