Bright colors

This electric blue Equipment blouse is one my wardrobe staples. Just jeans and this and I'll be ready in 5. It's also almost too comfortable to wear with its velvety silk. The only problem is that people keep touching you as the fabric is so soft ;)


Holiday dressing\ Stripes

I tend to gravitate towards black and white plus black&white. Okay so these stripes might actually be navy blue but still... If I spot an item with nice stripes it's most likely to end up in my shopping bag. That's also what happened last time at Kenzo. So... yep. I love the little patent leather tassels that are in the zippers. Nice details.

Knit dress from Kenzo


Warmer winter clothes

Old favorite from Zara. Perfect for cold winter weather and especially in Lapland when the thermometer hits -30°C.