New Old dress

This dress is a good demonstration about things that end up on the bottom of your drawer and then get forgotten. I think almost every woman have these pieces. The ones that maybe when buying you're not quite sure if it's just the right piece but you end up buying it anyway.

I found this old dress hanging in between all my casual dresses while I was cleaning out my wardrobe. I had totally forgotten about this "naked dress" as I called it, partly because I never really liked it. Something was just wrong and therefore I just let it hang there, still quite not ready to part with it. It's just so basic so I thought I would and could wear it somewhere, some day.
Well, now as I was thinking whether I should trash it (meaning recycle and sell forward) I suddenly figured out what was slightly wrong about it... it was the trimmings on the "sleeves". Just a minor detail but it bothered me since it made my shoulders look a little bit bigger (who woman would want that?) and it made the dress itself somehow un-proportioned.
Solution: I took them off. Ha! So simple. And now I actually like it again.
Okay, it's not as polished as it was before since it's silk and the fabric has worn a bit but it's actually okay for some casual summer nights.


The dress is over five years old from the time I bought things more freely. Now as I've "developed" (and proud of myself) as a buyer I don't buy that much clothes that end up on the bottom of my drawer. I only buy things that I absolutely have to have, can't-live-without.

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