Hälsningar från Barcelona

A quick trip to Barcelona was successful in terms of finding my wedding dress. Now, I will not show you the dress (yet) but some postcard pics are in order.





1. In Park Guell. It was a super hot day and I was wearing my favorite old Zara knit with my Club Monaco skirt. Unfortunately, the lovely people in the Barcelona airport managed to lost my baggage after I checked it in on my way back home, so now everything I'm wearing here in this pic are gone. (The bad side of traveling. The good side is that I did not check in my wedding shoes, so at least I have my lovely shoes still. And the wedding dress is being made so it wasn't either in the lost luggage.)
2. Park Guell
3. Plaza de Catalunya
4. Mercat Santa Caterina
5. Spices in La Boqueria
6. Ridiculously good food in Llamber

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