Best of Bridal Week

Before getting engaged the whole bridal and wedding businesses were one big dubious black hole for me. Yes, I understood that it's very much business in every sense but I had no idea how big it actually was - is. Well, now I know. I was actually totally clueless about the fact that there are bridal fashion weeks existing. Well, now I know that as well. Here are few favorites from the recent bridal week. Yes, dresses for brides getting married in fall 2014!

Monique Lhuillier

Monique Lhuillier dresses and gowns are like a dream. They are wonderfully made and beautiful.

Jenny Packham

If you like 20's, you should go for Jenny Packham. She's the best designer when it comes to embellishments.

Lela Rose

Lela Rose makes beautiful dresses and their wedding collection is no exception.

Sophia Kokosalaki

If you don't want to do the princess-thing, comfort is probably valuable for you. Sophia Kokosalaki makes simple, grecian inspired, most certainly very comfortable gowns.

Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta makes the most beautiful princess-dream-dresses. Here the trendy and always classic polka dots (widely seen in bridal fashion week) make a beautiful detail.

Also, if you don't want to opt for traditional gowns you can always turn to the wonderful french dress designers. If I weren't such a traditional wedding-gal, I would love to wear one of these dresses below. I love love love (cannot emphasize enough) these! But of course, I love to wear white dresses in any case so I could simply wear these in some other occasion ;)

Laure de Sagazan

Rime Arodaky


New Old dress

This dress is a good demonstration about things that end up on the bottom of your drawer and then get forgotten. I think almost every woman have these pieces. The ones that maybe when buying you're not quite sure if it's just the right piece but you end up buying it anyway.

I found this old dress hanging in between all my casual dresses while I was cleaning out my wardrobe. I had totally forgotten about this "naked dress" as I called it, partly because I never really liked it. Something was just wrong and therefore I just let it hang there, still quite not ready to part with it. It's just so basic so I thought I would and could wear it somewhere, some day.
Well, now as I was thinking whether I should trash it (meaning recycle and sell forward) I suddenly figured out what was slightly wrong about it... it was the trimmings on the "sleeves". Just a minor detail but it bothered me since it made my shoulders look a little bit bigger (who woman would want that?) and it made the dress itself somehow un-proportioned.
Solution: I took them off. Ha! So simple. And now I actually like it again.
Okay, it's not as polished as it was before since it's silk and the fabric has worn a bit but it's actually okay for some casual summer nights.


The dress is over five years old from the time I bought things more freely. Now as I've "developed" (and proud of myself) as a buyer I don't buy that much clothes that end up on the bottom of my drawer. I only buy things that I absolutely have to have, can't-live-without.


Hälsningar från Barcelona

A quick trip to Barcelona was successful in terms of finding my wedding dress. Now, I will not show you the dress (yet) but some postcard pics are in order.





1. In Park Guell. It was a super hot day and I was wearing my favorite old Zara knit with my Club Monaco skirt. Unfortunately, the lovely people in the Barcelona airport managed to lost my baggage after I checked it in on my way back home, so now everything I'm wearing here in this pic are gone. (The bad side of traveling. The good side is that I did not check in my wedding shoes, so at least I have my lovely shoes still. And the wedding dress is being made so it wasn't either in the lost luggage.)
2. Park Guell
3. Plaza de Catalunya
4. Mercat Santa Caterina
5. Spices in La Boqueria
6. Ridiculously good food in Llamber