My endless love for shoes...

As long as I remember I've been a huge fan of beautiful shoes.
... It's also a question of comfort and practicality. Bad shoes are always bad shoes. They're bad for your feet and they look bad. That's it. So investing in a good pair of shoes is not only wise but a favor for your feet. They don't have to be the most expensive ones but usually the more expensive the better the shoe. Just go to Italy and see how much they appreciate hand made, made-to-measure shoes. There you go.
My favorite pair so far... Black, classic with a twist. So comfy you don't have to throw them away or change halfway the evening.


Make Up

The wonderfully fun party season is fully on again and like many of you - I am also running from one event to the other. Since the skin is still bronzed after the lovely summer days I really don't like wearing a lot of make up to the parties...especially if I want to dance the night away. This means that the perfect highlighted base is essential. And it's not the easiest one to make. Therefore I love these beauty tutorials that are available all over different sites like Vogue.com. Just follow along and be ready in no time. Have fun!


Rebecca Taylor

As I've pointed out before, my boyfriend is the best when it comes to finding perfect pieces. Most of my dresses, jewels and occasionally shirts as well, have been found by him. He has the eye for that. This shirt is also something he found and I fell in love with it immediately. It's the perfect going out Tee. Fits well with shorts, skirts and jeans. Instant upgrade for otherwise casual outfit.

Rebecca Taylor T-shirt with Tiger of Sweden silk shorts

Here you can also see the Tee paired with a Sandro skirt (another favorite of mine)... snapped by the wonderful Tyylialkemisti on our mutual friend's birthday party.

The shirt is bought from Stockholm MOOD but you can click one for yourself on their website as well.


Summer Series \ Espadrilles

I've stated my love for espadrilles before. I never get tired of them. They are good with everything.

Old ones on the right, new ones on the left.