Summer Series

I love summer time! I actually own more summer clothes than anything else even though it doesn't really make sense here in Finland as the summer months are short and not always so summery. This year has been incredible - nothing makes me more happy than sunshine and short shorts!

I always change my bag as well. I prefer weaved "basket alike" bags during summer. That way it doesn't really matter if there's some sand on the bottom or that my sun screen has leaked. This year's bag comes from J. Crew (bought already in January from Miami).

I'll be posting once a week more favorite summer items.


Ad of the month

Burberry is like no other brand when it comes to advertising. Innovative and fun campaigns that add to the brand! So great. Like this one. Sending kisses... with your own seal of a kiss. Wonderful.

screen shot of a burberry newsletter


Another day...

...another lazy post way too late. The weather (which has been fantastic) has made me spend less time on my computer and more time outdoors. Thus, less posts. I find myself snapping bad quality pics with my iPhone and never carrying my actual camera with me anymore. This needs to change. So sorry. Maybe I'll find my inspiration again when it starts to rain...