New in: earrings by Misst

Misst earrings, from Nómad - a shop where from I would love to buy loads of other lovely things as well...

La vie est belle

The perfume is a gift from my boyfriend, bracelet (that I also use as a headband from Urban a*)


Detail of the day

Snakey bracelet, addition to my zoo-jewelry collection


Over the weekend...

This Fall I really like...

...the different hues of blue.
The Givenchy boots...
...and the pointed patent leather ankle boots.
I also really like pants. Pants-not jeans. And since I've been pant-less for almost a decade, it's about time.


#Greensmoothie = Ugly Healthy Drink


I love my greensmoothies but most of my friends go 'ugh' when they see my green glass of health. However, the taste is not at all bad and mostly it's so good for you that you forget about the slightly unappealing (okay, very much unappealing) look.

But maybe now that the greensmoothies are featured even in Vogue I might be able to persuade you -my friends- to taste them. Come on! They have to be good, even Gisele Bundchen swears by them. Yeah, the supergreen powders make you go 'what the ****?!' but they don't really taste at all... and it's so good for you!

So, here's one recipe, also featured in Vogue.
- 1 tsp spirulina or chlorella
- 1 tbs raw coconut oil
- 1 cup spinach and kale
- 1/2 a cucumber
- avocado or banana
- any of these: pear/apple/kiwi
- 2 cups water
- juice of half a lemon

BOTTOMS UP! ENJOY... and have a great weekend :)


Flowers and stuff...

When it's grey and cold it's better to watch pretty pictures than outside the window...



Detail of the day

My evening clutch - love the chain details and the panther heads


My color choice for this Fall

Love, love, love cobalt blue and indigo blue. Need more of it !


Tan Leather

Tan leather weekend bag, Kate Moss for Longchamp & Tan leather Evelina Hobo by Mulberry



Detail of the day

Black suede sneakers with gold zippers, Marc by Marc Jacobs


#PFW Streetstyle shots

Sorry for being totally MIA. I've been sick (which sucks) and therefore concentrated mainly on sleeping, not to my blog. That being said - I hope I can now make a comeback with much more inspiration. And about that - Paris Fashion Week offers a lot of it. Here are some of my favorite streetstyle shots.

source: fashionologie