The Joie of (new) Shoes

Espadrille wedges by Joie, bought from Bluebird / Mallorca


Fall 2012 Inspiration

I'm stuck in a rut. Ugh - I hate to admit it but yes, I feel a bit uninspired. So, I'm trying to get my groove back on and the best way to do it is to go through different tumblr sites.
This is something I would like to wear this Fall. Yes! Let's hope we get as beautiful September as last year.

pic: Mango's fall catalog (Kendra Spears and Andreea Diaconu modeling).


I love my... Coconut water

It's not like I'm crazy aware that everything should be organic and clean. NO! It's just like other things in my life, quality is important. That's why I love my coconut water and my fresh berries (prefer them hand picked from the back yard but that's not always possible). So if it happens to be good for me, great! If I'm not treating my body like a dumpster I'm sure it will thank me later.


Lana Del Rey for H&M by Inez & Vinoodh

pics from fashionologie.com
Ad of the month: Lana Del Rey for H&M. Shot by Inez and Vinoodh (the ones who also shot Gisele for her French Vogue - Health Initiative cover + editorial).


Sneak Peek to our home: Curtains

Curtains were one of the areas of interior decoration that I knew I did not master. So I sought help and am now happy with the result. They are perfect, to be honest. And they weren't even that expensive (u know you can spend a fortune for curtains, I mean, like more than three pairs of Louboutins).


My Leopard Paws

These are the cutest ballerinas in my shoe closet (luxury of the new apartment, yep - it's already full). They're from London and by Dune.


Fashion vs. Health

Sometimes I think I should somehow explain better why I like all these beautiful things (material things) and why I enjoy reading fashion magazines (as much as reading blogs and blogging) ...and looking at pretty pictures who knows for how many hours.

It's all actually quite simple. It's about taking care of yourself along with expressing yourself. It all comes down to how do you feel and how do you want people to perceive you. After all, first impression last a lifetime.

Source: google.ca via 25dresses on Pinterest

Of course it's important that there are different styles of people. That's the beauty of beauty. All have their own taste. For me, it's not about the always manicured nails - the extra lashes (whatever they are called) the hair extensions and all that expensive c**p. For me it's more about how you treat yourself, what you eat, what you drink, what you do... and that you take care of yourself.

Yes, I do have a closet full of clothes (actually, maybe five closets) and my bathroom is filled with all these beauty products - but it's cause I 've noticed that when I make the effort to do my beauty routine and put on some make up, I feel better. And when I make the effort that I care what I wear, I feel better. So, the very shallow thing is actually not so shallow. It's all about feeling good and enjoying life.

So, with these words I thought I might start to share my beauty routines and my exercise routines along with what I eat. Blah. Yeah, not like I will be posting my every lunch here (never!)... but lately I've gotten so many comments on "what do you do?" so I thought it's actually about the whole balance of things.

There. Feel free to skip the health part and admire my dress collections instead if you feel like it.



Summer viewcard (back to blogging)

Some days you could actually sunbathe. Maybe two altogether. Still - better than nothing!

...So many beautiful summer skies.

Beautiful sunset in Nauvo

i love boating

in Mallorca, wearing topshop top, zara shorts and longchamp bag

biking in Mariehamn wearing toms + lexington (my boating outfit) and Marni for H&M scarf