The Sweater

My closet has been slowly filling up with sweaters. Knitted sweaters, printed sweaters, leather sweaters... All different kinds that I love! They are comfy and elegant. Go well with jeans, skirts, on top of dresses ... And did I mention they are so comfy? Oh yes, I totally love sweaters!

Here are few of my favorites from my wardrobe
Sweaters from left to right: Cos , Zara , Club Monaco

Cos sweater with leather front

Zara knitted with metallic detailing

Club Monaco Cashmere sweater

Sweaters from left to right: Cos, Massimo Dutti, Zara

Cos and Massimo Dutti sweaters with elbow pads

Zebra print knit sweater from Zara

Striped sweaters from Filippa K and Massimo Dutti

White and blue sweaters from Filippa K

Cashmere and Silk mix sweater from Massimo Dutti


  1. LOVE the filippa K sweaters !!

    1. Thanks! Classics, kind of Bretons... always good to have some :)