May Day approaching

First of May aka May Day is one of my personal favorite party days. For those of you located out of Finland, this is the national carnival day (traditionally celebrating the working party). As it's a super fun day and a super fun celebration you need something as fun to wear. Something like this !

Dress by MSGM

Vappu lähestyy, jee! Se on yksi lempparijuhlistani koko kalenterivuonna. Koska kyseessä on iloinen ja pirteä juhla, pitää asun luonnollisestikin olla jotain värikästä :) Yllä oleva MSGMän mekko olisi täydellinen! Love it! 


Out of office: Busy moving

The next few weeks I will be busy. Busy moving to be exact. There are some things associated to moving that take more time (and money) than the move itself... deciding on furniture is one of those things. One thing is decided though, the chairs. And they are... Vitra DSW. Hello love! I think I love them more than my shoes ... and that's a lot !


Detail of the day

I saw something similar a while ago in Pinterest and got interested. Had to try for myself. Dior + Gold is now my favorite. Sophisticated yet fun. And it looks better in real life - the pic doesn't really do justice.

Dior vernis and Orly nailpolish


The Sweater

My closet has been slowly filling up with sweaters. Knitted sweaters, printed sweaters, leather sweaters... All different kinds that I love! They are comfy and elegant. Go well with jeans, skirts, on top of dresses ... And did I mention they are so comfy? Oh yes, I totally love sweaters!

Here are few of my favorites from my wardrobe
Sweaters from left to right: Cos , Zara , Club Monaco

Cos sweater with leather front

Zara knitted with metallic detailing

Club Monaco Cashmere sweater

Sweaters from left to right: Cos, Massimo Dutti, Zara

Cos and Massimo Dutti sweaters with elbow pads

Zebra print knit sweater from Zara

Striped sweaters from Filippa K and Massimo Dutti

White and blue sweaters from Filippa K

Cashmere and Silk mix sweater from Massimo Dutti


Updating wardrobe for SS/2012

I did my yearly "Spring closet detox" early this year in order to clean my closet for our upcoming apartment move. At the same time I updated my wardrobe for SS12 appropriate.
This means that I selected the few essential pieces I liked (and found from the stores) that were on trend this Spring.

I think that as I have grown older (gosh, that sound horrible!) I've become smarter shopper... (Okay, fair enough - yes, I still shop a lot but not ridiculously lot... And only when I find a perfect piece of clothing!)  So - good that we got that cleared. Now, I was meant to say that with few (let's say about 8) key pieces you can actually turn your wardrobe around. Especially during times like these of color. Pick the colors you like (mine are mint green and lemon yellow and powder rose) and then couple statement pieces that suit your style (I buy these cheap usually in case I get bored with the thing)...Then maybe a new bag and two pairs of shoes and you're done.

My white jeans

I bought these from Zara since I probably end up getting red wine or something similar that stains them for good at the first wear. Also, the Zara pant fit is perfect for me.

My button-up sleevless shirt

I've totally gone bananas for this shirt. It's so pretty and functional at the same time. Effortless - that's the thing! My thing!
My color block wedge

These shoes go with everything! And make me probably taller than everyone as well. Ha!

My woven detailed bag

The shopper bag that's handy plus Burberry-ish inspired woven details.

My printed shorts

My crochet dress

My ankle strap heels

Heels from iRoo, Singapore
Vaatekaappi koki kevät-updeittauksen samalla, kun heitin vanhaa kamaa menemään (kirpparille kierrätykseen) tulevan muuton tieltä. Ihan muutamallakin jutulla saa jo kivasti muokattua tyylin keväisemmäksi. Tänä keväänä on ollut ihana shoppailla värikylläisten hyllyjen lomassa. Järkevä shoppailija kuitenkin pitää oman tyylinsä, eikä hurahda mihin tahansa trendeihin. Yllä kaappini kevättäydennyksen tuloksia.


Look of the week

Arizona Muse for Massimo Dutti, campaign S/S 2012

Above, silk shirt from Massimo Dutti
Button up sleevless silk shirts is the thing for me this season. I love how wearable and easy they are and they go with jeans, mini skirts, shorts - almost with anything. Super cute and functional. I have them in nude and mint colors.

Mielestäni tämän kevään ja kesän yksi ihanimmista vaatekappaleista ovat hihattomat button-up paidat (miksimäs näitä kutsutaan suomeksi?)... Rakastan niitä! Yllä Massimo Duttin nudenvärinen paita, lisäksi yksi mintunvärinen löytyy kaapista.


In My Beauty Box (not Tarte Tipsy)

I've been in search for a perfect peachy blush. More specifically, cream blush. I love Tarte's sticks but unfortunately Tarte is not available in Europe nor do they ship internationally. I emailed them and got an answer "We are very sorry but we don't ship internationally". Damn! There went my hopes. The truth is, if you find a product that's perfect (perfect consistence, perfect tone for you) you want to stick to it. There's millions of make up products and shades to pick from so who wants to go all that trouble and try to find another perfect product? I have like 10 un-used blushes at home. And all I want is my Tarte stick. Oh, well. This Maybelline cream blush is a second best option. I compared and the shade is quite similar even though it's not as glossy pretty as my Tarte stick. This will have to do until I find myself shopping in the States again.

Miksi aina kaikki parhaat tuotteet joko lopetetaan tai sitten niitä ei vaan saa mistään millään? Jälleen kerran törmäsin tähän ongelmaan, kun lähdin metsästämään rakastettua poskipunaani Tartelta. Valitettavasti puikko on joskus muinoin ostettu Pariisin Sephorasta ja enää Tarte Cosmeticsia ei myydä muualla kuin Amerikassa. Nettikaupoistakaan ei ollut apua. Jouduin siis turvautumaan Maybellinen Dream Touch Blushiin (tämänkin metsästämiseen meni kauemmin kuin muutama tunti), sillä sävy tässä oli hyvin lähellä Tarten puikkoani... vaikkei tuotteen koostumus eikä kiilto vastaakaan täydellistä Tarteani. Höh - tällä nyt mennään niin kauan kunnes pääsen Amerikan mantereelle shoppailemaan poskipunaa.