The Art of Packing

Pffff. I'm totally not that kind of person who can just take a small bag, pack it quickly and lightly and be ready to go. My Packing starts actually days and days before the trip. I imagine what I feel like wearing and gather together outfits (my boyfriend calls this crazyness). Usually I end up taking way too much (because, you can never really know what you feel like wearing, u know?)... and then I regret it on my way home...and I tell myself, NEXT TIME remember to take LESS STUFF.

You know, I'm the kind of packer that even going for a trip over a weekend people keep asking me if I'm actually moving in with them? Okay so, I like to be prepared. But the thing is, how can you be prepared with less stuff?
So now, this time, I'm trying this thing out. We'll see if I survive (for a whole 3 days). And, if I start feeling like I have nothing to wear, I can always buy something. Right?

I'm trying to pack my stuff to this one but in the end I always need a bigger/another bag

2 dresses, 1 knitdress for travel, 1 silk shirt, 1 knit, 1 cardigan, 1 clutch, 2 pants beanie, travel packs, 2 camera, beanie and jewelry and such. Plus a kit for the plain including hand lotion, lipbalm, eye drops etc. And a large scarf plus warm socks.

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