Sales Shopping / Surprise Parka

I'm superbad at sales shopping. I usually try to avoid sales and when I don't, I end up buying all things from the new collections (=the expensive stuff)... So, you can probably understand why I don't go shopping at all during sales. 

Oh, well...That being said... This year I surprised myself. Maybe it was the point that the whole shopping was unintentional, kind of an accident.

The thing is, before New Year's Eve on Friday, I went to have lunch to Kluuvi and afterwards popped by to Filippa K. It all was superunintentional... BUT, I ended up noticing that they had a super cute parka (I have been searching for the perfect one for 1,5 years now) , and they had my size. So I tried it on, and it was perfect. Unfortunately, they couldn't keep it for me - not even a day since it was the only one. So, I asked what kind of return policy they have. "Sorry, we don't have a return policy for sales items." And bam, I was like: "Oh, it's on sale? I'll take it." Ha! So, here it is. I think the pics don't fully show how nice it is with the button and zipper details.

Parka, Filippa K
Parka. Kauan etsitty, koluttu, haettu... nyt löydetty, täydellinen parka. Ja kaiken kukkuraksi se löytyi vähän kuin vahingossa (niin kuin yleensä parhaat asiat löytyvät)- ja kuvitelkaapas, vielä aleista! Tässä se nyt on, ihanien nappien ja vetskarin kanssa.


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  2. Let me know if you want to sell this!