TV to stare

If someone is having trouble consuming time during Holidays (can this be a problem really?..) I would recommend to turn to TV shows. The kind of shows that entertain you and you don't have to think at all. I love that... Actually, I love so many so unnecessary TV shows that people laugh at me (at least my boyfrind laughs at me)... but I love it, so what. I can't think of anything better relaxation (besides a bubblebath) than watching a marathon of Gossip Girl or Heart of Dixie or Awkward! (yep, I'm a total teenager, SO WHAT!) But the thing is, I really do relax watching these shows and that's where I usually find my inspiration to dressing up and decorating as well.

My favorite shows to watch

Heart of Dixie
I always liked Rachel Bilson in the O.C. and I like her personal style. So it's only natural that I like her in her new show as well. Heart of Dixie includes hot dudes and great fashion and some love (of course)!

Gossip Girl
At some point I kind of got fed up with Gossip Girl already but now I've catched up with the show again. I mostly watch it for the fashion (and Nate). I especially like to follow the guy's fashion. And the girls' jewelry!

all pics: cwtv.com

Rachel Zoe Project
Do I even need to tell you why I love this? It's for all the fashion lovers.

pics: bravotv.com

Ah, I'm such a teenager. This is like the Hills (or maybe Laguna Beach) but it's a scripted show not a reality MTV show. I like it for the 'real feeling' and humour (not that I would know how it feels to be in high school - it's over a decade ago I started mine). The show has also good music.

Stuff that I'm missing and really looking forward to are Mad Men (my absolute favorite) and True Blood. Mad Men crew is filming new episodes so we'll get some during Spring. Yay! Have a great Christmas and if you're finding it hard to decide what to do with all the extra time and loads of candy I'm sure these series are great options.

TV-sarjoista: Tykkään tosi paljon katsoa kaikenlaista hömppää. Useimmiten kaverit (ja etenkin poikaystävä) nauraa, kun tykkään vaan teinisarjoista, mutta ihan sama! Viihde on viihdettä ja samalla saan rentoutumisen lomassa hyviä inspiksiä hyvän mielen lisäksi. Tän syksyn lempparisarjoihin ovat kuuluneet vanha kunnon Gossip Girl (viides tuotantokausi menossa), Heart of Dixie, RZProject ja Awkward! Odotan innolla nyt uusia Mad Men jaksoja ja tietty True Bloodia!
(note;vähän kyllä nolottaa myöntää toi Awkward, mutta oon ihan sucker for true love)


  1. The rachael zoe project on niin hyvä sarja!! Nyt on alkanut myös Brad Brad world, mikä kertoo Rachelin entisen assistentin elämästä muotimaailmassa! :)


  2. Niin kyllä on! Ihan mahtava.

    En oo ehtiny kattoa Bradin sarjaa vielä, mutta oon lukenut siitä kyllä... Sehän alko just. Pitääkin tsekata eka jakso :) kiitos vinkistä!