Over the weekend: Christmas Fudge

Over the past couple of years, I've had a tradition of making fudge for Christmas. I like the idea of giving something you've really put effort to, plus usually it's nice to get something self-made. (and for the health freaks, these don't have any preservatives and such) And if you wrap it nicely, it looks pretty even though it would taste bad (but trust me, these don't).

So, here's the recipe. And remember, the most important part is to let it cool down before mixing the chocolate in... you don't want to end up making four portions and having a nervous break down (like me couple of Christmases ago)

Double chocolate fudge
250 ml condensed milk
50 g butter
4 dl sugar
2dl marshmallow fluff (or the whole thing, if you like)
sea salt
1 tsp vanilla
200g chopped chocolate/ some marianne candy if you like or tyrkish peber candy if you like

Melt the butter (slowly, you can't make fudge if you're in a hurry), add the condensed milk and sugar and let it cook slowly until honey colored (this takes a while, maybe 20 mins). Don't let the temperature go over 125°C. When fudge colored, take it off the stove and add marshmallow fluff and a little bit of sea salt. Let the fudge cool down, whisking it all the time. When it's under 80°C, mix in the chocolate (I used white and dark above, as you can see). Then put it to a tray or a silicone muffin cup or whatever you want to use - and keep it in the fridge. Voilà!

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