Dear Full Closet,

...I saw this text (can't remember where) couple of months back, and thought that this is so TRUE!
It said...

"Dear Full Closet,
How come I have nothing to wear?!
Girls Everywhere"

I thought this is brilliant! It's like, I have so many dresses and outfits but when an party invitation arrives- I suddenly have nothing to wear.
Usually at that point my bf goes, but honey your closet is full of dresses - and my friends are like, you have hundreds of dresses (which, by the way, is not true. I kind of counted and I do have under 100)... in any case, somehow I never have anything to put on.

couple of the red and blue dresses from my closet

 On the other hand - I have an idea why the closet is always so full. I have concluded that every time an invitation arrives, I go shopping, and then my closet is one dress richer again. So that explains why it's always full. Should I ask people to stop inviting me to parties or is there a simpler solution?
And WHEN (or do we ever) do we feel good about wearing the same dress with the same people to a party over and over again? Is that even possible?

While I'm trying to figure this out, I must point out that my bf is counting our closets - and they now add up to 8 full ones in our bedroom and three in our hallway. I think I  better figure this out soon...

fraction of the inhabitants of my closet

Mikäköhän siinä on, ettei kaapista löydy koskaan mitään päälle pantavaa? Vaikka mekkoja olisi kuinka paljon, aina kutsun saapuessa tuntuu, ettei juuri oikeaa tilaisuuteen sopivaa mekkoa löydy kaapista. Ja vaikka olisikin oma lempparimekko, koska oikeastaan lakkaa murehtimasta, että samaa mekkoa on jo käyttänyt moneen kertaan samojen ihmisten edessä...
Ongelma ei ole kaikista suurin, mutta aika usein eteen ilmaantuva. Samalla kun pohdin näitä, poikaystäväni pohtii, ettei asuntoomme mahdu yhtään kaappia enää enempää...

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