2 blogs I really really love are Garance Doré and Rumi Neely's Fashiontoast. They are absolutely my favorites for cheering me up and for inspiration.

Garance Doré has been my go-to-blog-everyday for many years now. I love her wittiness and her posts are funny and mostly just so true! It's great that she writes with such sincerity. And then there are the illustrations. And the fact that she's dating Scott (the Sartorialist)... it's like reading about the blog royalties. haha.

Rumi Neely on the other hand mostly posts photos, AND the photos are great. It's like micro-magazine on the web. And her style is great, very much like mine (HA!.. that was unintentional, just pointing out we share the love for many similar pieces). Plus, she happily reports all the great finds she discovers, so it's not like "you get to see my wonderful fashion style but I'm not gonna tell you where I found it". It's very inspirational.

The +1 is Hanneli Mustaparta...Since she doesn't post that often (not even weekly) but I love her and the people she shoots for her blog are so stylish. And she's just so beautiful.

Lemppariblogeihini kuuluu Garance Doré ja Fashiontoast. Hannelin blogi on myös mahtava, vaikkei hän poustailekaan niin useasti. Käykää tsekkaamassa jos kiinnostuitte, ettekä ole aikaisemmin lukeneet näitä.

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