Over the weekend

Girls night out (so much fun!) and a new top from Topshop Singapore.
Tyttöjen illat ovat ihan parhaita! Ja uusi toppikin pääsi ulkoilemaan.



2 blogs I really really love are Garance Doré and Rumi Neely's Fashiontoast. They are absolutely my favorites for cheering me up and for inspiration.

Garance Doré has been my go-to-blog-everyday for many years now. I love her wittiness and her posts are funny and mostly just so true! It's great that she writes with such sincerity. And then there are the illustrations. And the fact that she's dating Scott (the Sartorialist)... it's like reading about the blog royalties. haha.

Rumi Neely on the other hand mostly posts photos, AND the photos are great. It's like micro-magazine on the web. And her style is great, very much like mine (HA!.. that was unintentional, just pointing out we share the love for many similar pieces). Plus, she happily reports all the great finds she discovers, so it's not like "you get to see my wonderful fashion style but I'm not gonna tell you where I found it". It's very inspirational.

The +1 is Hanneli Mustaparta...Since she doesn't post that often (not even weekly) but I love her and the people she shoots for her blog are so stylish. And she's just so beautiful.

Lemppariblogeihini kuuluu Garance Doré ja Fashiontoast. Hannelin blogi on myös mahtava, vaikkei hän poustailekaan niin useasti. Käykää tsekkaamassa jos kiinnostuitte, ettekä ole aikaisemmin lukeneet näitä.


About shoes...

If you're a shoe-lover or just a girl with an affection to pretty things, you probably know what I'm talking about when I say that not all shoes are made for walking. Surely there are some super-human beings who walk all day with high heels and feel no pain. (look what happened to SJP, who now btw claims that her feet have no feel.)

But if you're like me, just go for the comfort.
There are some pretty ah-mazing things out there that are only pretty (=becomes torture after wearing them for too long)... not so much funtional. And this leads me to the issue of three different types of shoes. The subject came up a while ago at my friend's graduation party. 

The most wonderful shoes = Sitting shoes
First, there are the most amazing (usually this equals expensive) beautiful shoes that are just perfect. You want to wear these everywhere and they look super sexy and elongate your legs perfectly... but, they kill you. And they kill your feet. And most probably, you're going shoe-less at a fancy party since you just want to have fun and dance.
I've learnt not to buy these shoes anymore. Even in a shoe crisis! Never ever again.

The perfect pair of heels? Not so much. Luckily champagne helped me survive the New Year's celebration.
Heels by Banana Republic - bought in a shoe crisis from Miami last winter.

Standing shoes = Pretty shoes
Second, there are some quite comfy feeling shoes that are super pretty and they lure you into buying them. At first they feel super good at you feet but since they're like 5 inches, they make walking impossible. So you have to carry another pair (of folded ballerinas) with you at all times. Not so functional, but since they're super pretty - what can you do. Just don't wear them to your best friend's wedding when you need to wear them +10 hours and dance your night off.
So pretty - so bad for your feet.

The most perfect shoes = Walking shoes
Third, I want to point out that these walking shoes do not equal flats! I know it sounds barely impossible but there are heels that are truly made for walking and they are proper heels, not wedges. It takes time, energy and mostly, money - but when you find your fit, buy loads and stick to the brand. You'll thank them later when you can still feel your feet, feel sexy and in heels after +30 years. And yes, you should absolutely wear these whenver, wherever.

Maailman parhaita korkoja metsästäessä voi mennä ikuisuus, mutta kun ne löytää niin jalat kiittää. Ikinä ei pitäisi laittaa jalkaan ihanan upeita korkoja, jotka ovat niinkin upeat, ettei niissä voi kävellä saatika seistä, ainoastaan istua. 
Kengissä on ihan selvä systeemi: on istumakenkiä, seisomakenkiä ja kävelykenkiä. Jälkimmäisten ei aina tarvitse olla ballerinat vaan upeista korkkareistakin löytyy kävelykenkiä. Ihan oikeesti.


Dear Full Closet,

...I saw this text (can't remember where) couple of months back, and thought that this is so TRUE!
It said...

"Dear Full Closet,
How come I have nothing to wear?!
Girls Everywhere"

I thought this is brilliant! It's like, I have so many dresses and outfits but when an party invitation arrives- I suddenly have nothing to wear.
Usually at that point my bf goes, but honey your closet is full of dresses - and my friends are like, you have hundreds of dresses (which, by the way, is not true. I kind of counted and I do have under 100)... in any case, somehow I never have anything to put on.

couple of the red and blue dresses from my closet

 On the other hand - I have an idea why the closet is always so full. I have concluded that every time an invitation arrives, I go shopping, and then my closet is one dress richer again. So that explains why it's always full. Should I ask people to stop inviting me to parties or is there a simpler solution?
And WHEN (or do we ever) do we feel good about wearing the same dress with the same people to a party over and over again? Is that even possible?

While I'm trying to figure this out, I must point out that my bf is counting our closets - and they now add up to 8 full ones in our bedroom and three in our hallway. I think I  better figure this out soon...

fraction of the inhabitants of my closet

Mikäköhän siinä on, ettei kaapista löydy koskaan mitään päälle pantavaa? Vaikka mekkoja olisi kuinka paljon, aina kutsun saapuessa tuntuu, ettei juuri oikeaa tilaisuuteen sopivaa mekkoa löydy kaapista. Ja vaikka olisikin oma lempparimekko, koska oikeastaan lakkaa murehtimasta, että samaa mekkoa on jo käyttänyt moneen kertaan samojen ihmisten edessä...
Ongelma ei ole kaikista suurin, mutta aika usein eteen ilmaantuva. Samalla kun pohdin näitä, poikaystäväni pohtii, ettei asuntoomme mahdu yhtään kaappia enää enempää...


In my Beauty Box

Whenever bad hair day or lazyness strike me, I'm turning to dry shampoo + salt spray. They work miracles. (And in case you're wondering... No - I did not come up with this myself, it was my trusted hairdresser who used this trick when making curls -works miracles then as well fyi)

Kuivashampoo + suolaspray toimii huonotukkapäivänä. Tai siis silloin, kun on ollut liian laiska pesemään tukkaa kiireessä. Suosittelen!


Over the weekend

It's Tuesday already so for most of you, last weekend is long gone. Not for me since I've been sick.  The reason I haven't been able to get out of bed...at all.
Now I'm feeling a bit better (mentally, not physically) so I'm sharing my thoughts on my previous weekend.

My dad was out of town, and he has a little construction project going on, so he asked me to drive to our summer house to check if some stuff is covered in case of rain and also to go buy some stuff from the hardware store. Since the weather was super pretty I was happy to go... until I realized I had no idea what I was supposed to do!
I mean - it was like telling my dad to buy me some Louboutin Pigalle patent leather pumps, maybe from net-a-porter. He would have zero idea what I was talking about.

Okay, so I was brave and went. Kind of made everyone laugh at me at the store, and couldn't understand what was the stuff I was supposed to check at the construction site. Job well done!
(i hope i get some points from trying though)

On top of that my boyfriend was happy to point out that what I was wearing was full of lint and am I really going out pantless...? I really wasn't aware there was a dresscode to construction sites...
Oh well, it was super pretty either way. I'm hoping not the last nice Fall weekends...

View through my sunnies, so pretty!

proof that I was actually there, what are these?

Yep, I was sans pants. But I used the lint-roller/remover (whatever it is...) before I went out. And I had my By Malene Birger boots on.

Viikonlopun kommelluksiin kuului palvelus isälleni= käynti työmalla ja K-raudassa (joka osoittautui luultua hankalammaksi). Sairastumisen lisäksi opin, ettei ovesta saisi koskaan astua ulos nukkaisessa paidassa ja legginseissä. Pukukoodit kohdilleen myös raksakäynneille.