#Yesterday's outfit + new shoes

Shoes by HUB. They're comfy like UGGs but look a bit better, at least with skirts :) It's very difficult to try to look nice and be warm (and practical) at the same time here in cold Finland...

Uudet popot Hubilta. Koitin löytää kengät, jotka olisivat käytännölliset ja lämpimät (kuten rakkaat, lämpimät, rumilus-UGGini)



It's actually been really great Fall, don't you think? I used to be a real Spring person but considering that we got snow until May last Spring...and then you look outside now, it's +10 and sunny... I think this is way better.

My favorite Fall pieces have been different kinds of knits. I've actually worn sweaters (like knitted ones) a LOT ! They're just so comfy and warm. And it's kind of easy, effortless elegance.

Knitted vest, Massimo Dutti
Neuleet on ehdottomasti olleet mun tän syksyn juttu. Ne vaan on niin ihanan mukavia päällä ja jotenkin helppoja. Tosi helposti pelkillä farkuilla ja kivalla neuleella saa aikaan siistin vaikutelman. Muuten...aika kamalan ryppysen näköinen toi mun  valkonen paita - argh. Poikaystävältä (joka on muuten ihan hullu silitttämään) tulis vähän kommenttia...onneks se ei lue mun blogia :)

Detail of the day


Ad of the month

Ad of the month is definitely Burberry with it's brilliant new scent called Body + Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. They do so many things right... starting from the digital marketing everything's just right and so innovative. How did they start marketing the new scent? They posted a Facebook page where you could LIKE them and they would send you a sample of the new scent before it hits the stores. Fun!

Kuukauden mainos: Burberry Body.


The Great Gatsby

Have you been wondering what's all this fuss about The Great Gatsby, all the 20s and flapper dresses as seen at Gucci and Ralph Lauren? 
It seems that way before I was born, during late 40's, Ralph Lauren designed the costumes for the film The Great Gatsby... and the film is now in the remake by Baz Luhrmann. 
And there was definitely a 20's vibe in many fashion shows - especially at Ralph Lauren. Do you see a trend coming?

Ralph Lauren

Giorgio Armani

Roberto Cavalli


Tory Burch

The Great Gatsby -elokuva on uudelleen filmatisoinnissa, jonka toteuttaa Baz Luhrmann, ja se näkyi myös suunnittelijoiden kevätkokoelmissa. Erityisesti Ralph Lauren toteutti täyttä kakskytluku-vibaa, ehkä juuri siksi, että hän suunnitteli asut alkuperäiseen The Great Gatsby -leffaan.

pics: vogue.co.uk & style.com

The Great Gatsby: a book by Fitzgerald, made into a movie and many other adaptations.


Trendspotting for next Spring

There were quite many things going on for the coming Spring/Summer 2012 but few trends especially caught my eye. Of course, the things you pay attention to are usually things you really love or hate. Other stuff just fades away.

As I'm brunette, light pastels suit me well and contrary to many (young) people, I actually like them. The thing is not to use them so that you'll end up looking like a desperate housewife... or a marshmallow. I think many people are also afraid of using light pink since they remember their childhood and the pastel-outfits they were loving then...and would never wear them again. Just remember to mix them with e.g. jeans or white or beige and the outcome is fresh and Spring-approriate.

Light pastels were seen at LV, Erdem, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Chanel and Prada (among others).

Yksi kevään tulevista trendeistä on selkeästi vaaleat pastellit. Yllä kuvat Louis Vuittonin, Erdemin, 3.1 Phillip Limin, Chanelin ja Pradan näytöksistä. Pastelleja päälle pukiessa on hyvä kiinnittää huomiota, ettei lopputulos ole äklön pastelli kokonaisuus vaan enemmänkin raikas, keväinen look.

Pics: style.com


It's all about LV

How about that! WOW ! Finally something that really left me quiet in amaze.

Yesterday I was going through Twitter pics and tweets when the Louis Vuitton show was going on and I really felt a wave go through as I saw the beautiful carousel and the light pastels + whites that dominated the beautiful collection. Marc Jacobs really knows how to do it !

I also totally loved the accessories... and how about those shoes!! (never mind the close up photos which showed models' blue-bruised feet due to way too many fashion shows) LOVE !

I think I can't get over this, I'm totally obsessed now.

Julia Restoin-Roitfeld

Nicole Richie

Uma Thurman

 Anna Dello Russo and Terry Richardson 

Poppy Delevingne


Muotimaailma ja minä yhtä lailla kohahdettiin eilen, kun Marc Jacobs esitteli Louis Vuittonin ensi kevään malliston. Oi mikä ihanuus! Kauniita haaleita pastelleita ja valkoista sekä ihania detaljeja. Ja mitäs olette mieltä tuosta upeasta karusellista, joka toimi avauksena? There's no one quite like Marc...

Ref: http://www.vogue.co.uk/fashion/spring-summer-2012/ready-to-wear/louis-vuitton/video


Toi et Moi

I read this piece on Vogue about a French/Australian brand called Toi et Moi. It's a fashion label by an Australian Gill Lawrence who's married to a French guy. So the label is all about Australian ease with French chic. Made me totally fall in love with it. So comfy looking and pretty. Just what I'm looking for!

Törmäsin Voguen sivuilla uuteen (minulle aikaisin tuntemattomaan) merkkiin nimeltään Toi et Moi, joka on ranskalais- /austraalialaisinspiraation yhdistelmä. Iski jotenkin ihan saman tien - todella kivannäköisiä juttuja. Yllä kuvia tämän talven mallistosta.