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Look of the week is Kate Moss wearing a white jacket and an animal print dress. This outfit reminded me of my last spring's outfit and I decided to recycle it again for my friend's graduation party.

Kate Moss, July 2011, pic zimbio

Over last weekend
May 2011
I wrote briefly about leopard print last week and how the animal print is big this season. So now I'm returning to the same subject again...

The idea of leopard print used to be foreign to me... before last fall. What happened last fall is that when the store shelves started to fill up with leopard print, I somehow got the courage to try on some pieces. Prior trying any animal print pieces on, I always assumed it's somewhat too brave and looks cheap. But actually what happened was that I noticed that they can look cool if worn the right way with right pieces. Since that discovery, I've really been in love with my dress that I bought and I have worn it a lot!

So, this outfit has been recycled already once but as I had a friend's graduation party last weekend I thought that this would be perfect for the occasion.

Outfit: shoes, Russell & Bromley; dress + jacket, Zara; bracelet is a gift from my bf and it's from Valkoinen Elefantti (can't remember what brand the bracelet is)

Viime viikolla kirjoitin lyhyesti eläinprintistä. Nyt palaan aiheeseen viikon inspiraation myötä... Satuin näkemään kuvan heinäkuulta Kate Mossista ja sain viime viikonlopun asuinspiraationi siitä. Itse asiassa asu on kierrätetty jo kerran, vime keväänä, ja inspiraation myötä innostuin pukemaan saman asun päälleni uudelleen. Vaihdoin kengät ja laukun ja niiden myötä hieman upgreidasin lookkia juhlavammaksi.

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