In my beauty box / Best things in life come in pricey little packages

People keep on asking me what kind of beauty products do I use. I'm more than happy (of course) to share the tips and all with everyone... the first bad news/ thing just is that what works for me might not necessarily work for everyone. It's like make up or any other thing related to your beauty regime, it's just not one thing that works miracles for everyone. The other bad news is that you actually have to go through quite an effort to find your own balance (and if you're lucky with perfect skin already, I really hope you understand how much money and time you have saved)... also, the best products often come in pricey little packages...so it might cost a bit as well to find your own miraclecream.
In any case, here's my miracle moisturizer that I use. Génifique, from Lancôme. It's "crème activatrice de jeunesse" --- don't know about that but my skin seems to love it.

Kauneudenhoitoon liittyviin kysymyksiin on aina vähän vaikea vastata. Monet kyselevät, että mikä on luottotuotteesi tai mikä on paras kasvorasva. Hommahan on niin, että se mikä toimii toiselle ei välttämättä sovi toiselle laisinkaan. Tietenkin jaan mielelläni tietoa omista ihmerasvoistani. Koskaanhan ei tiedä, että josko joku saisikin apua näistä vinkeistä. Tsemppiä oman luottotuotteesi löytämiseen!

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