Best of Milan

So, it's already week 3 and next up/now going is Paris. But before that my favorites from Milan.

Little sparkle never hurts. Giorgio Armani knows what girls like.

This Emilio Pucci gown is exactly what I would want to wear next summer: light, sheer, flowy... too bad I don't have any red carpet events coming up.

Frida Giannini probably doesn't know the word #fail - her designs are always so interesting. Loving this jazz vibe which is so fresh and metallic at the same time.

Versace is oh-so-hotttt right now... H&M collection coming up and all. Besides that, the collection was actually fresh and beautiful. Very much like Versace, or should I say Donatella?
p.s. i would love to look like her in the lime green dress next summer - wouldn't you?

Yllä Milanon muotiviikon suosikkeja. Mikään ei ole vielä saanut haukkomaan hengitystä, mutta aika kivannäköisiä kolttuja tarjolla ensi kesäksi.



I found this really interesting article while browsing through Sofi's blogg. It features our belowed Finnish model Suvi Koponen and is about how models train (and are trained). I found it interesting so if you're into fitness, maybe you do too. The whole article can be found here.


Backstage #makeup

@Christopher Kane the look was fresh and beautiful. Just the way I like it (especially in Spring).
More on how to, at style.com's beauty section.

Christopher Kanen näytöksessä meikki oli luonnollinen ja raikas.

Over the weekend


Something else than #FW

Okay, so one week done, three more to go. Are you fed up already? I'm not but I understand if you are. So maybe something else than fashion week stuff now.

How about my perfect fall boots?
There's a story behind these boots since I was hunting them... hard. I saw them first in Finland at Rizzo, didn't dare to buy them and when I finally decided to buy them they didn't have my size. So, while in Sweden this summer, visited the store and found them (last pair, my size) in 50% discount. So yippee! Makes them even more perfect!

Uudet syysnilkkurit! Ne on ihan mahtavat, ja mieltä hivelee tieto, että sain ne puoleen hintaan alkuperäisestä.

This weekend I'm listening to...

i really like this song. i think the first video (which is btw not official) is way better :) however, the second one is official (i think). you decide which one you want to play :) or just play both and listen to the song in repeat like i do.


Best of Latest

Jenny Packham

Hair at Rachel Zoe

NYFW Street Style

pics: style.com, fashionologie


Best of BCBG Max Azria

This is my go-to label when I'm in need of a cocktail dress. Probably for the reason that it's available in Finland and they have the cutest pieces. Here are my favorites from next Spring.

Color blocking

 Tribal influence

My favorite

BCBG Max Azria on yksi perusmerkeistä, jonka kokoelmista löydän aina jotain ihanaa. Suomessa tarjonta sattuu olemaan aika rajoitettua, joten kivoja cocktail-mekkoja ei aina löydy niin helposti - tältä merkiltä kuitenkin löytyy takuuvarmasti! Tykkäsin ensi kevään liehuvasta lookista, jossa oli väriblokkeja + jonkin verran heimohenkisyyttä.

pics/ kuvat: style.com

See also:
 borrowed from: sofis snapshots^

This weekend I'm listening to...


Fashion Month Begins / Wish I were in New York

So, now it's finally the time. If you don't have anything to do, you can just spend an entire day going through Spring 2012 rtw collections. Most looking forward to Jason Wu, Marc Jacobs (duh), Jenny Packham, Marchesa...and of course the always interesting Prabal Gurung + Rag & Bone. Calvin Klein has also risen to my waiting-for-list since their pieces have been highly present at red carpet parties. (next week, London)

rachel comey spring 2012 rtw

Jenni Kayne spring 2012 rtw

Muotiviikot alkavat, jee! Jos ei ole parempaa tekemistä voi vakoilla koko päivän muodin uusimpia tuulia. Mageeta on myös, että monet showt näytetään live streamina. Cool.


Look of the week

Look of the week is Kate Moss wearing a white jacket and an animal print dress. This outfit reminded me of my last spring's outfit and I decided to recycle it again for my friend's graduation party.

Kate Moss, July 2011, pic zimbio

Over last weekend
May 2011
I wrote briefly about leopard print last week and how the animal print is big this season. So now I'm returning to the same subject again...

The idea of leopard print used to be foreign to me... before last fall. What happened last fall is that when the store shelves started to fill up with leopard print, I somehow got the courage to try on some pieces. Prior trying any animal print pieces on, I always assumed it's somewhat too brave and looks cheap. But actually what happened was that I noticed that they can look cool if worn the right way with right pieces. Since that discovery, I've really been in love with my dress that I bought and I have worn it a lot!

So, this outfit has been recycled already once but as I had a friend's graduation party last weekend I thought that this would be perfect for the occasion.

Outfit: shoes, Russell & Bromley; dress + jacket, Zara; bracelet is a gift from my bf and it's from Valkoinen Elefantti (can't remember what brand the bracelet is)

Viime viikolla kirjoitin lyhyesti eläinprintistä. Nyt palaan aiheeseen viikon inspiraation myötä... Satuin näkemään kuvan heinäkuulta Kate Mossista ja sain viime viikonlopun asuinspiraationi siitä. Itse asiassa asu on kierrätetty jo kerran, vime keväänä, ja inspiraation myötä innostuin pukemaan saman asun päälleni uudelleen. Vaihdoin kengät ja laukun ja niiden myötä hieman upgreidasin lookkia juhlavammaksi.


In my beauty box / Best things in life come in pricey little packages

People keep on asking me what kind of beauty products do I use. I'm more than happy (of course) to share the tips and all with everyone... the first bad news/ thing just is that what works for me might not necessarily work for everyone. It's like make up or any other thing related to your beauty regime, it's just not one thing that works miracles for everyone. The other bad news is that you actually have to go through quite an effort to find your own balance (and if you're lucky with perfect skin already, I really hope you understand how much money and time you have saved)... also, the best products often come in pricey little packages...so it might cost a bit as well to find your own miraclecream.
In any case, here's my miracle moisturizer that I use. Génifique, from Lancôme. It's "crème activatrice de jeunesse" --- don't know about that but my skin seems to love it.

Kauneudenhoitoon liittyviin kysymyksiin on aina vähän vaikea vastata. Monet kyselevät, että mikä on luottotuotteesi tai mikä on paras kasvorasva. Hommahan on niin, että se mikä toimii toiselle ei välttämättä sovi toiselle laisinkaan. Tietenkin jaan mielelläni tietoa omista ihmerasvoistani. Koskaanhan ei tiedä, että josko joku saisikin apua näistä vinkeistä. Tsemppiä oman luottotuotteesi löytämiseen!


Ad of the month / September

LANVIN Fall Winter 2011-2012 Ad Campaign -Yeah, ok. I know, You've already seen this - right?!?! But I had to post this since this is exactly what marketing and viral marketing are at it's best! Everyone's talking about it, and everyone's sharing it (like me). How great is that! So yeah, Ad of the month goes to Lanvin campaign which is btw, pretty awesome! Go Alber!!! Kuukauden mainos on kyseenalaistamatta ehdottomasti Lanvinin syyskampanja. Viraali on juurikin markkinointia parhaimmillaan, koko blogosfääri kuhisee asiasta. Mahtavaa!


Piece of Advice by Anna Wintour

1st of September / Time for Trench

Fall is here, officially I mean. I love that it's so sunny at the moment, doesn't feel like fall at all. However, next week -> Fashion Week! The sure sign that fall is actually here. Be sure to check out the schedule here.

On another note, I have had a little project going on and now I've completed my one-month challenge... not to buy a single item during August. I'm so proud of myself. But at the same time, I feel like running to the stores to do some shopping. Aargh, so if I do this, did it really mean anything? Maybe I can try to control myself, I have enough stuff in my closet (this should become my mantra but even though it's full, why isn't there anything to wear)???
Below trench, it's obviously an old one.

Ensimmäinen päivä syyskuuta on varma merkki syksystä. Toinen varma merkki on muotiviikkojen alkaminen, joka tapahtuu ensi viikolla New Yorkissa.
Syksyllä tekee aina mieli uudistaa vaatekaappia, mutta päinvastaisesti otinkin itselleni haasteen olla ostamatta yhtään mitään koko elokuun aikana. Nyt se on loppu! Mutta... jos juoksen tänään suoraan kaupoille, niin kumoaakohan se täysin koko homman tarkoituksen? JA miksi kaappi on aina täynnä, mutta siellä ei ole koskaa mitään päälle pantavaa?!?!!? 
Yllä trenssi, se on VANHA.