i love braids

I really love braids. They're simple, girly and chic. Plus I'm always kind of tired of really making an effort with my hair so it's easy, honestly. I've been following Lauren Conrad's blog for such a long time - and her actually, as well since her breakthrough in Laguna Beach. I love her style, so it's really perfect to get inspiration from her. I ran into this braid in her blog - so here you go.

pic: borrowed straight from http://thebeautydepartment.com/2011/08/braidy-bunch/

Lauren Conradin kauneusblogi on mahtava! Koska olen itsekin lettien suuri fani (ne ovat vaan niin helppoja ja tyttömäisiä), tässä yksi vinkki suoraan hänen blogistaan.

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