GG inspirations / Gossip Girl Fashion

This is probably what fashion will look like next coming spring. I wouldn't be surprised at all to see these color pallettes in the upcoming spring collections....Since soon it's again that time of the year -> the fashion week(s) mania.
Personally I kinda like the fact that already during fall we're thinking about the spring (suits me fine!... the other way around it's kind of difficult). Who wouldn't want to dream about spring and light clothing during the darkest months of the year?

FYI, no one REALLY walks with that kind of high heels all day long - good that we got that cleared now. (pics zimbio)

Yllä inspiskuvia Gossip Girlistä. Aika varmasti ensi kevään muoti näyttää juuri  tältä. Yllä olevat kuvat ovat uuden tuotantokauden filmauksista.

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