Detail of the day

My skirt from Club Monaco. I was wearing it on Monday. I bought this last winter from NYC and I've been wearing it through winter (with thick stockings), spring and summer. I'm thinking pretty much wearing it through fall as well. I think it's perfect. Now the stores are actually full with all kinds of animal print. I thought that last year was the hype of leopard but actually it's very much still on. Or maybe it's now time for more zebra-like-prints? What do you think?

Anyways, Monday was pretty much the most perfect day for wearing this. I woke up to a sunny morning (thinking it was another gone-wrong-forecast) and put on this silk skirt, cashmir sweater and a pair of suede ballerinas! Perfect... as it started pouring at the end of the work day. Oh well...

Maanantain asu oli täydellisesti valittu. Aurinkoisen aamun virhearvion jäljiltä heitin ylleni sillkihameen (Club Monaco), kashmirneuleen ja mokkanahkaiset ballerinat. Olipahan selviytyjät-kiplottelua illalla kotimatkalla, kun vettä tuli kuin saavista.

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