Detail of the day

My skirt from Club Monaco. I was wearing it on Monday. I bought this last winter from NYC and I've been wearing it through winter (with thick stockings), spring and summer. I'm thinking pretty much wearing it through fall as well. I think it's perfect. Now the stores are actually full with all kinds of animal print. I thought that last year was the hype of leopard but actually it's very much still on. Or maybe it's now time for more zebra-like-prints? What do you think?

Anyways, Monday was pretty much the most perfect day for wearing this. I woke up to a sunny morning (thinking it was another gone-wrong-forecast) and put on this silk skirt, cashmir sweater and a pair of suede ballerinas! Perfect... as it started pouring at the end of the work day. Oh well...

Maanantain asu oli täydellisesti valittu. Aurinkoisen aamun virhearvion jäljiltä heitin ylleni sillkihameen (Club Monaco), kashmirneuleen ja mokkanahkaiset ballerinat. Olipahan selviytyjät-kiplottelua illalla kotimatkalla, kun vettä tuli kuin saavista.

i love braids

I really love braids. They're simple, girly and chic. Plus I'm always kind of tired of really making an effort with my hair so it's easy, honestly. I've been following Lauren Conrad's blog for such a long time - and her actually, as well since her breakthrough in Laguna Beach. I love her style, so it's really perfect to get inspiration from her. I ran into this braid in her blog - so here you go.

pic: borrowed straight from http://thebeautydepartment.com/2011/08/braidy-bunch/

Lauren Conradin kauneusblogi on mahtava! Koska olen itsekin lettien suuri fani (ne ovat vaan niin helppoja ja tyttömäisiä), tässä yksi vinkki suoraan hänen blogistaan.


September Issues 2011

It's that time of the year again...the girls joining Kate Moss = starring covers of September Issues. See full coverage here on Fashionologie.


GG inspirations / Gossip Girl Fashion

This is probably what fashion will look like next coming spring. I wouldn't be surprised at all to see these color pallettes in the upcoming spring collections....Since soon it's again that time of the year -> the fashion week(s) mania.
Personally I kinda like the fact that already during fall we're thinking about the spring (suits me fine!... the other way around it's kind of difficult). Who wouldn't want to dream about spring and light clothing during the darkest months of the year?

FYI, no one REALLY walks with that kind of high heels all day long - good that we got that cleared now. (pics zimbio)

Yllä inspiskuvia Gossip Girlistä. Aika varmasti ensi kevään muoti näyttää juuri  tältä. Yllä olevat kuvat ovat uuden tuotantokauden filmauksista.



Today is such a pretty and warm day! I'm super happy and excited. Can't even tell how much the sun affects me - I'm obviously living in a totally wrong country for me. I should be somewhere where it's warm and sunny all year long. Soon it's gonna get depressing and dark again - but let's not think about that yet. We still have some super nice days left.
Here's today's outfit.

Päivän asu, kaikki Zaraa paitsi takki.



Today was a casual day so this is what I was wearing... I've noticed that these Zara pants have become my favorite - I've been more and more keen to basics. I guess it's officially fall.

leather jacket, Massimo Dutti (gift from my bf) - pants, Zara - bag, Tiger of Sweden - sneakers le Coq Sportif

Tänään päällä tällaista. Päivä oli suht rento, joten asu oli sen mukainen. Zarasta ostetut tummansiniset farkut ovat olleet kovassa käytössä. Nahkarotsi on synttärilahja poikaystävältä, laukku vanha luotto-Tiger ja kengät le Coqin.



 blouse H&M, skirt+belt+shoes Zara, socks Weekday
It's kind of hard to dress in between seasons (plus I've been on a shopping break so I have no new clothes I would want anxiously to wear). I don't want to give up from wearing the skirts and ballerinas quite yet so I'm pairing them with leather jackets and socks -> Kinda like a school girl look - it was totally accidental. I just took  a pair of socks with me so that I wouldn't get cold (and I immediately did).

Sesonkien välillä on vaikea pukeutua. Vielä ei ole jäätävän kylmä, muttei kauhean lämminkään. Enkä nyt halua heti ensimmäiseksi syksyn alkumetreillä tulla kipeäksikään. Tänään asu näyttää tältä - oikeastaan aika vahingossa. Sukat nappasin mukaan, ettei jalkoja palelisi (hetihän niitä paleli).


September Issue

Kate Moss in Alexander McQueen. Wow. She looks amazing! And the dress! 
Also, if you haven't seen her wedding photos yet, go here. I'm pretty sure almost everyone wants to get married after seeing these photos!

(Too bad it always takes AGES for these magazines to appear in Finland. Let's see if we're lucky and get our hands on to this one by mid-September... )
Kate Moss Amerikan Voguen syyskuun numeron kannessa, päällään Alexander McQueen -puku. Lumoavan näköistä, samoin kuin hänen hääkuvansa, jotka voi käydä katsomassa täältä.



I love: Rachel Zoe Resort 2012
Everything's just perfect!

pics borrowed: zimbio


Look of the week

Winning look of the week goest to Kate Bosworth. I love Kate's outfit because of it's simplicity and comfort. It's also chic and reflects my style well. I'm all about the right colors and comfort. It's also work appropriate but something you might wear for a casual dinner as well - or just for shopping and relaxing out on town.

I wasn't trying to copycat but I accidentally dressed quite similarly.

Kate Bosworthin tyyli on aina välillä todella kaukana omastani, mutta yllä olevan kuvan asukokonaisuus todella kuvastaa omaa pukeutumismentaliteettiäni: kivannäköistä ja mukavaa päällä. Oma asuni on vanha suosikki, ei todellakaan tarkoituksenmukainen kopiointi.


Over the weekend

Last weekend was fun - but not as fun as expected. It was (obviously - what have you been doing if you've missed this?) Flow weekend and the city was filled with music and everything related, or not so related... like people focusing on what they're wearing and other people focusing on what other people are wearing. I think I've exceeded my limit of people talking about hipsters/what people were wearing. Who cares. Seriously. Either way...

Flow oli ehkä vähän pettymys. Tai sitten kyseessä oli liian suuret odotukset. Oli kuitenkin ihan kivaa.


Inspiration to Flow

It's Flow- weekend! Some inspiration to your dressing might be found from below. Or if you'd rather dress like stars, you might want to check out my earlier post here!

pics above from Coachella 2011 by ELLE UK

Flow festivaaleille pukeutumiseen voi inspiroitua ylläolevista kuvista.


Look of the week

This look from Rachel Bilson has been an inspiration to me with my red blazer. It's super nice especially with nude colors, somehow makes the final touch to the outfit since sometimes nude can look a bit blank. I've also worn the red blazer with black tunics.

 ^pic borrowed:zimbio

Tyylikäs Rachel Bilson punaisessa jakussaan. Omaani olen käyttänyt puuterinväristen mekkojen lisäksi myös mustien tunikoiden kanssa.


This weekend I'm listening to...

Look of the week

This week's inspiration, Fashiontoast blogger Rumi. Perfectly reflects my comfort zone with the black mini and a comfy knit. Just what I've been wearing.
^pic borrowed: nowmanifest
Kesän viileät päivät (jos niitä on ylipäänsä ollutkaan) olen kulkenut mukavissa neuleissa.



Ad of the month: Angelina Jolie for LV

Angelina Jolie's journey to Cambodia is part of the Art of Travel Campaign in Louis Vuitton and is continuation for Bono and Sean Connery. Hear her story here.
pic by Louis Vuitton
Kuukauden mainoskampanja on Angelina Jolien the Art of Travel -mainos Louis Vuittonille.


Summer style: bag

The bag I've been carrying around this summer comes from H&M.
Stores everything from sun screen to towel and bikinis.
Kesän käytetyin laukku, H&M olkilaukku, johon mahtuu kaikki tarpeellinen mukana raahattava.