Resort 2012

Chanel Cruise Collection 2012

Somehow the resort collections are always more-to-my-liking than any other collections. Maybe it has to do with the fact that they are more commercial (as they stay longer in the stores) ?
In this collection Karl Lagerfeld showed a whole lot of variety. The colors and the materials were very luxury and he had used real jewels (on contrary to Coco Chanel's fake jewellery/pearls that were a statement) of which he said that too much is not even enough. Maybe he was inspired by the Royals, who knows... but the collection itself was pretty and great. Never mind the weird open toe leather booties? (what was up with them? what kind of woman wants to put on a mid-calf skirt and open toe thongy alike toe booties? come on....)

PS. if you're interested in cruise collections, check out this article on vogue.com

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