Over the weekend

Last weekend was great. One of the best (besides the one before, when we were celebrating my actual birthday in London with my boyfriend) as we celebrated my post-birthday. How many celebrations is enough? The answer is there's not enough, any reason for partying is always good :)
However, on Friday sparkling drinks with good friends at Kämp followed by a dinner with family at Olo. So good! I was wearing this...

And how ridiculously good (looking) the food was at Olo. Always delicious! Look at this dessert!
Sorry for the bad pics, iPhone...


New favorite: Étoile Isabel Marant

Étoile Isabel Marant is my new favorite. The Parisian designer's second line is so pretty and makes me go ooohhh- i - want- that! First encounter with the brand was not so long ago, I have no idea why I've been ignoring the brand but as the name started popping out every here and there, it cought my eye. What really cought my eye was when I was reading Lily Aldridge's Today I'm Wearing for Vogue UK and she had so pretty items from the collection, so I fell in love with them. Now I can't wait to get my hands on them - they're not even that expensive! I love the french chic with slightly bohemian wibe. Kind of reminds me of Maje's collection as well. Wonderful!


What comes out of the bag ?

Inside the shopping bag, there's my birthday gift. It's something that's been on my most wanted list for almost a half a year now. I was searching for this specific thing for the whole time during my whole Christmas Holidays (in New York I was seriously drooling over it but it didn't fit to my budget) but I only got it now. So the joy is multiplied by thousands now that I finally have it. Loving it ! 
(you'll see it soon...)


Blue Thursday

electric blue knit by Massimo Dutti, blue skirt by Zara


Are you out ?

Fashion lover, Rachel Zoe (much blogged about in this blog as well) pictured above, pic borrowed.

Do you ever get the feeling when people are talking about fashion that you simple don't understand? Or when you're reading blogs and some names are mentioned you don't recognize them but you know that maybe you should? ...well, I do! But my curious nature always googles and finds out the stuff that I'm not familiar with.
When blogging you don't want to underestimate your readers (at least that's what really annoys me) and state the obvious every time. However, it's natural that when you're following fashion you know more than the average reader who's not following every single hour what's going on. And this applies to everything- whatever is your interest. But if you're interested in finding out -> Good site is also wikifashion.com.


Everything by Issa is so sold out

Ever since Catherine Middleton chose an Issa dress for her and Prince William's engagement announciation the label has been crazyli popular. Not to mention when her sister Pippa Middleton started getting more and more media space, the crowds have screened her choice for clothing. The sisters have relied on Issa for a long time and now the brand is selling "sold outs" with every item. 
The above dresses in net-a-porter are also "unfortunately sold out". Damn! So pretty! 

Catherine Middleton in Issa

Her sister Pippa in Issa


Yesterday's outfit

t-shirt & cardigan Filippa K, jeans zara

White is still the hot N° 1

Anna Dello Russo in Alberta Ferretti

Cheryl Cole in Stephane Rolland Couture

Uma Thurman in Versace

Rachel McAdams in Maxime Simoens Couture

Blake Lively

Georgina Chapman

Kirsten Dunst

Doutzen Kroes

Brad Pitt

Astrid Bergès-Frisbey

Alexa Chung

If you're not sure what to wear this summer you should opt for white dresses and white long blouses. They're still the number one choice of the fashion crowd as can be seen in Cannes (above). Besides, white is always fresh and now the stores are full with golden and cognac colored accessories to mix and match with. One of my favorites will be a white lace dress accompanied with a golden belt. Looking forward to the heat wave!


(in my) Beauty Box

Printed Pouch by Mulberry.
Perfect for storing my essentials = make up.


Trench Time ...or Party Time?

Trench by Massimo Dutti, Jeans by Cos, Bag Mulberry + Converse

 I think I should be wearing a Finnish flag or something blue&white... have to be satisfied with this. In any case, Today I'm feeling very proud to be a Finn.

This week might be the best week of 2011. Not only because Finland won the World Championship in Hockey but because of the great feeling of accomplishing something that feels unbeliavable!
So youngsters, never stop believing and fight for your passion. Whether it's fashion or something else. Love <3


Resort 2012

Chanel Cruise Collection 2012

Somehow the resort collections are always more-to-my-liking than any other collections. Maybe it has to do with the fact that they are more commercial (as they stay longer in the stores) ?
In this collection Karl Lagerfeld showed a whole lot of variety. The colors and the materials were very luxury and he had used real jewels (on contrary to Coco Chanel's fake jewellery/pearls that were a statement) of which he said that too much is not even enough. Maybe he was inspired by the Royals, who knows... but the collection itself was pretty and great. Never mind the weird open toe leather booties? (what was up with them? what kind of woman wants to put on a mid-calf skirt and open toe thongy alike toe booties? come on....)

PS. if you're interested in cruise collections, check out this article on vogue.com