What to wear...

...to a casual and cool wedding?
Last weekend was filled with love as one of my good friends got married. They wanted to have a fun celebration and succeeded - we had the most fun ever!

There was no special dress code so I opted for a more casual dress and accessorized the outfit to look more like me (added a little bit sparkle).

Dress Zara; shoes, clutch and jewelry all from Valkoinen Elefantti, bracelet is a gift from my boyfriend

 ps. there might be more pics from the wedding in my friend's blog 2H+K after she returns from her honeymoon

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  1. Sä näytit niin upeelta!!! Takaisin ollaan ja jotain kuvia on tulossa :) Kiitti vielä, että olitte mukana. Oli huisit kekkerit!!!