Conscious consumer?

Sustainability has been a trend for long now. Rather than being a trend, should it maybe be part of our lives? Does it make H&M better for producing one eco-friendly collection per year as otherwise they are the mass producers of clothes? I don't have answers but I know that it makes me feel better when I'm bying ecologically friendly pieces. Maybe doing something small is either way better than doing nothing at all.

Also, I must say that I haven't found anything buyable from H&M in a long time - the Conscious Collection on the other hand is very pretty and I think I must get something girly and white to my summer wardrobe. Like.


The Conscious Collection is in stores April 14th and is part of H&M's focus on sustainability. The clothes have been produced from e.g. organic cotton and recycled polyester. The whole idea behind the collection is to be eco - smart.
All pics (above) provided by H&M.

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