the Lovely Mademoiselle Lively

The rumor has that not everyone in the US end of Chanel is happy with Blake Lively being the star of Mademoiselle campaign. In any case it seems to be that Karl has the last word and disarguing is not allowed (aloud). I think Lively fits just fine in the Chanel brand. Like Coco said, fashion is what everyone loves. And we all love her (style), right?

pics: zimbio.com

In my opinion she is one of the best dressed actresses of the moment. LOVE her style!


Today I was wearing...

... a powder colored jacket by Zara.

Also wearing: top by Monki, bracelets by dpn and Whistles, necklace Banana Republic, watch by Massimo Dutti.

This piece has been in favor of the bloggers. Seen also in Sofis snapshots, Frida Fahrman and Sara Bourke. I love it. Feels like spring when I'm wearing it.

pics borrowed from here and here.


In my beauty box

The nail polish sucks actually, it doesn't last more than a day. Pfff, don't know why. Can't recommend even though Chanel has the most perfect shades. The make up on the other hand is great. Thumbs up.


Spring equals compulsive shopping disorder

It sure doesn't look like spring outside but I know it's approaching (though slowly) when I get the compulsive "I-must-get-this-and-this" shopping disorder. In other words, I basically want to re-do my wardrobe. Usually it's got something to do with colors, this time I noticed I'm filling up my beige pieces stack.

The above knitted sweater is from Zara as well as the top below.

The below dress is by Gant.

And this blouse is also from Zara.


Detail of the Day

Detail of the day is my big furry friend.
Hey come on!? Where's the spring? - the sun, the warmth (=the trench coat & the ballerinas?) (And why am I still wearing this ?!?!)
Blah. Oh, well - my coat seems to bring joy to little kids and babies, they smile widely when they see it on me. I guess I look like a big bear or something.

The fur is fake. The coat is by Manuela Conti.


In my beauty box

The most perfect shade of rosy pink by YSL, Rouge Pur Couture N° 24.


Fashion victim

Yesterday I had an early morning (at least for me it was early) and therefore I did not think that much what to wear but rather just pulled something out. I realized I had chosen a little bit boyish style for Friday which is OK but really not that me -  meaning that my style can be described more as girly.
However, manly outfits have been trendy lately so maybe my mind is adapting slowly. Maybe I'm more a fashion victim as I thought.

 blouse and the long shirt from zara and cos
 my pair of herrskor
 I tied my hair simply to the back
bracelet is from Bloomingdales


Conscious consumer?

Sustainability has been a trend for long now. Rather than being a trend, should it maybe be part of our lives? Does it make H&M better for producing one eco-friendly collection per year as otherwise they are the mass producers of clothes? I don't have answers but I know that it makes me feel better when I'm bying ecologically friendly pieces. Maybe doing something small is either way better than doing nothing at all.

Also, I must say that I haven't found anything buyable from H&M in a long time - the Conscious Collection on the other hand is very pretty and I think I must get something girly and white to my summer wardrobe. Like.


The Conscious Collection is in stores April 14th and is part of H&M's focus on sustainability. The clothes have been produced from e.g. organic cotton and recycled polyester. The whole idea behind the collection is to be eco - smart.
All pics (above) provided by H&M.


What to wear...

...to a casual and cool wedding?
Last weekend was filled with love as one of my good friends got married. They wanted to have a fun celebration and succeeded - we had the most fun ever!

There was no special dress code so I opted for a more casual dress and accessorized the outfit to look more like me (added a little bit sparkle).

Dress Zara; shoes, clutch and jewelry all from Valkoinen Elefantti, bracelet is a gift from my boyfriend

 ps. there might be more pics from the wedding in my friend's blog 2H+K after she returns from her honeymoon


The best thing out there - Right now

The best thing out there right now is NOWMANIFEST.
A blog portal launched by Elin Kling and her business partner Christian Remröd (= Fashion Networks). The portal is supposed to be world's largest - I don't know about that but it certainly is one of the best in quality. Featuring Elin herself, Bryan Boy, Fashiontoast and Industrie magazine it's a sure thing to get a proper doze of quality fashion. Waiting for it to get a full boost but loving it already now.

all pics above borrowed snapshots from nowmanifest


Brand management in the house of Dior

The (fashion) world has been in shock after John Galliano's outburst (anti-Semitic comments) in Paris. After the British designer had been fired by the house of Dior for his "odious behavior" the biggest question has been what was going to happen for the show. Well, the show was held yesterday during the Paris Fashion Week (of course it was held) and there was no boycott - the show was packed. Without John Galliano present, the petites mains behind the collection were onstage.

Like always after a huge crisis, the brand is most likely to sell well. Even though the actions are condemned, the fact is that the more attention the brand gets the better it does. What will be remained to be seen is that who gets the fashion's N° 1 place now as a head designer for the prestigious house of Dior.

Looks from the fall collection 2011 below.

The look above is one of my favorite looks from the collection. Amazing. So romantic and girly. Love.

The collection overall was romantic and filled with color. I love the light fabrics with some heavy fur. So chic !