New stuff

I've been updating my wardrobe lately. Blouses are my everyday favorites.
Even though I used to hate brown it now seems to please my eye. I also swore I would never own anything orange... we'll see how I keep my promise when the stores will fill up with orange items. hrrrr....

ps. the lovely bracelet is a gift from my perfect boyfriend with a great sense of style (the bracelet is also featured in the editorial of the February issue of Gloria)


Keeping warm

I finally found a proper coat to keep be warm (and looking nice) during this winter. Still so much snow left so I guess I'll be wearing this to the mid-Summer :) The coat is from Soho's Burberry.


Future of everything Fashion

The future of fashion world is video. This is a great example of how cool it can be.

link from: http://www.nowness.com/day/2011/1/25/1249/animating-chanel


Newest additions to my jewelry family

I'm a big fan of jewelry. I have many many many pieces of them (note: I'm not that obsessed as Rachel Zoe who has well over thousand pieces of different kind of jewelry - mostly very expensive design labels - however, someone has sometime wondered why would I need more of them) and I always want more. The newer ones are very much loved - like these ones below that I got from my mom as a Christmas present.
The last one is from Soho's Bloomingdale's. It was actually the only piece of jewelry I bought during my vacation (it must be a first time I  found only one piece I loved).