Happy 2012 !

As the year wraps up, it's time to reflect on things done and how the year has gone by. Mine was full of friends, family, travel and sports. All things lovely.
I've dined with family and wined with friends. I've been to Miami Beach, The Bahamas, New York, London, Stockholm, Singapore and Langkawi. I've become an sports enthusiast and reached my goals and I feel better than ever. And most importantly, I've been super happy! I hope you reached your dreams and spent your 2011 happily.



Joyeuses Fêtes !

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to each and every one of you!

Hyvää Joulua kaikille toivottaa 25dresses !


TV to stare

If someone is having trouble consuming time during Holidays (can this be a problem really?..) I would recommend to turn to TV shows. The kind of shows that entertain you and you don't have to think at all. I love that... Actually, I love so many so unnecessary TV shows that people laugh at me (at least my boyfrind laughs at me)... but I love it, so what. I can't think of anything better relaxation (besides a bubblebath) than watching a marathon of Gossip Girl or Heart of Dixie or Awkward! (yep, I'm a total teenager, SO WHAT!) But the thing is, I really do relax watching these shows and that's where I usually find my inspiration to dressing up and decorating as well.

My favorite shows to watch

Heart of Dixie
I always liked Rachel Bilson in the O.C. and I like her personal style. So it's only natural that I like her in her new show as well. Heart of Dixie includes hot dudes and great fashion and some love (of course)!

Gossip Girl
At some point I kind of got fed up with Gossip Girl already but now I've catched up with the show again. I mostly watch it for the fashion (and Nate). I especially like to follow the guy's fashion. And the girls' jewelry!

all pics: cwtv.com

Rachel Zoe Project
Do I even need to tell you why I love this? It's for all the fashion lovers.

pics: bravotv.com

Ah, I'm such a teenager. This is like the Hills (or maybe Laguna Beach) but it's a scripted show not a reality MTV show. I like it for the 'real feeling' and humour (not that I would know how it feels to be in high school - it's over a decade ago I started mine). The show has also good music.

Stuff that I'm missing and really looking forward to are Mad Men (my absolute favorite) and True Blood. Mad Men crew is filming new episodes so we'll get some during Spring. Yay! Have a great Christmas and if you're finding it hard to decide what to do with all the extra time and loads of candy I'm sure these series are great options.

TV-sarjoista: Tykkään tosi paljon katsoa kaikenlaista hömppää. Useimmiten kaverit (ja etenkin poikaystävä) nauraa, kun tykkään vaan teinisarjoista, mutta ihan sama! Viihde on viihdettä ja samalla saan rentoutumisen lomassa hyviä inspiksiä hyvän mielen lisäksi. Tän syksyn lempparisarjoihin ovat kuuluneet vanha kunnon Gossip Girl (viides tuotantokausi menossa), Heart of Dixie, RZProject ja Awkward! Odotan innolla nyt uusia Mad Men jaksoja ja tietty True Bloodia!
(note;vähän kyllä nolottaa myöntää toi Awkward, mutta oon ihan sucker for true love)


Over the weekend: Christmas Fudge

Over the past couple of years, I've had a tradition of making fudge for Christmas. I like the idea of giving something you've really put effort to, plus usually it's nice to get something self-made. (and for the health freaks, these don't have any preservatives and such) And if you wrap it nicely, it looks pretty even though it would taste bad (but trust me, these don't).

So, here's the recipe. And remember, the most important part is to let it cool down before mixing the chocolate in... you don't want to end up making four portions and having a nervous break down (like me couple of Christmases ago)

Double chocolate fudge
250 ml condensed milk
50 g butter
4 dl sugar
2dl marshmallow fluff (or the whole thing, if you like)
sea salt
1 tsp vanilla
200g chopped chocolate/ some marianne candy if you like or tyrkish peber candy if you like

Melt the butter (slowly, you can't make fudge if you're in a hurry), add the condensed milk and sugar and let it cook slowly until honey colored (this takes a while, maybe 20 mins). Don't let the temperature go over 125°C. When fudge colored, take it off the stove and add marshmallow fluff and a little bit of sea salt. Let the fudge cool down, whisking it all the time. When it's under 80°C, mix in the chocolate (I used white and dark above, as you can see). Then put it to a tray or a silicone muffin cup or whatever you want to use - and keep it in the fridge. Voilà!


Charlotte Olympia vs. Zara

I absolutely love this pair of heels (actually, almost any pair by Charlotte Olympia would be nice) - and surprisingly Zara has them?!!? Oh, well... kind of. At least a really good copy of them! Go get yours (a little gift for yourself for Christmas) if you love them too.

Charlotte Olympia Dolly Patent Platform Pumps

Zara heels, black suede
Jos rakastat Charlotte Olympian kenkiä yhtä paljon kuin minä, niin Zarasta löytyy hieman halvemmalla aika lailla sama kenkä. Ihanat ovat kyllä!


Let me introduce you: Evelina

Evelina Hobo

Remember my lovely Alexa Hobo bag by Mulberry? The one I was totally in love with... Well, sometimes love doesn't last that long. In this case it lasted only about 5 wears (read: the fabric broke down) - and then I returned the bag. Too bad they didn't have the same bag anymore. I mean, there is no Alexa Hobo in production. And they couldn't fix the bag either. So, I had to choose another bag. I'm saying had to since I'm feeling like there weren't any as nice bags as that one. (I do like Alexa but it's an IT bag and that's why I didn't want it) So I chose Evelina. Evelina Hobo to be exact. It's roomy and functional. I think I'll learn to love it.

Kun Alexa Hobo ei kestänyt kulutusta, palautin sen Mulberryn liikkeeseen. Valitettavasti laukkua, johon olin kovasti rakastunut ei ollut enää tuotannossa, eikä omaani pystytty korjaamaan, joten jouduin valitsemaan uuden laukun tilalle. Mallistosta ei luonnollisestikaan löytynyt mitään yhtä ihanaa, niin päädyin sitten tällaiseen järkevään ratkaisuun. Nyt kuljeskelen sitten kaupungilla Evelina kainalossa. Ehkä opin rakastamaan sitä yhtä paljon kuin Alexaa.


Cravings: Shoe obsession !

Okay, so here's the deal... You know when you really really want something but the voice in your head is telling you it doesn't make the slightest sense?!?! I get that all the time. Sometimes it's louder than the other times --and this was one of the occasions.

Photo: Garance Doré, source: http://www.garancedore.fr/en/2011/09/28/i-love-your-shoe/

So, I was browsing through the miu miu collection (kind of long time ago) and fell in love with these shoes. They were so sparkly and pretty and just looked perfect for my feet. Then after a while, as  I had forgotten about them ...they were suddenly everywhere! In every blog and every streetstyle photo, girls in Paris wearing them ... gosh. They wouldn't leave me alone. And then I got obsessed.
The worse part was that I felt like I really would deserve them and started to plan buying them... So I made a decision I would buy them in Singapore (tax free, u know - It made sense - saving around 60 € would be another pair of  shoes, kind of - hah!).

OK, so (when traveling) we got to the miu miu shop at Singapore Changi airport and they didn't have them left! Only the ones in green. I didn't want those. Then I thought (the voice in my head said) why would I ever pay more for my shoes than I do for the flight here to Singapore. That got me thinking (and the fact that my boyfriend had silently walked away from the store rolling his eyes)... and then I made a (very smart) decision I would just leave them to other girls and silently admire them. And I was very proud of myself...

Until my friend bought them! Argh - And then another friend. Double argh! It's like they're not leaving me alone. The worst part is that I kind of got over them already but now I feel that I do really really need them!!!

I'm hoping telling you about this would make the obsession go away. Kind of like Elin Kling does all the time. (I'll tell you later if it worked...)

Kenkäobsessio! Tiedätteko sen tunteen, kun on pakko saada jotain, vaikka järki sanoo toisin? Millä sen saa katoamaan? Siis sen pakkomielteen... 
Pikaista paranemista toivoen, Kenkäfriikki.


Inspiration for the weekend

I don't know about you but I've transformed my wardrobe pretty much upside down this season. Instead of black, black and black I'm wearing more white and actual colors towards the darkest season. I like especially the different  hues of the blues and reds that are in store right now (read: burgundy and indigo). When you combine your make up with red berry lips - I think it's pretty much perfect for the little x-mas parties!

Like this, the ever perfect Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Yllättäen olenkin alkanut pukeutumaan oikeisiin väreihin (vastoin yleistä talven pukukoodia; mustaa mustalla) - tykkään erityisesti nyt kaupoissa olevista burgundysta ja murretuista sinisistä sekä violeteista. Yhdistettynä vielä marja-huulipuna-meikkiin... ihan täydellinen pikkujoululook.


Inspired by Zara

Zara lookbook has something fine and sparkly to offer for this little-X-mas-party season. Perfect for my liking. I'm not usually a fan of copying outfits but these simple stylings are maybe worth it. 

Zaran lookbookista löytyi rutkasti inspiraatiota juhlakauden asuvalintoihin.