I love my espadrilles

The comfiest and best shoes of this summer have been my espadrilles. They've followed me everywhere this summer and I've paired them with fancy dresses as well as with casual beach wear. I think they're the best ever. This summer the espadrilles have also been trendy and they have become a fashion item again (i guess they're in and out every now and then).


  1. For people with style, espadrilles are much more than just a fashion item - they never go out of style. I have several wonderful pairs from www.espadrillesetc.com

  2. PHOEBE,
    I KNOW :) i love mine so much and always wear them out and buy new ones. i love especially the French Soule ones...

  3. on aime aussi les espadrilles rayées toutes légères et rayées de pâles nuages ... comme un air de douceur. Bravo !