CLAP YOUR HANDS it's Midsummer = Flower Dresses

I don't think I need to justify my heading as it is pretty much self explanatory that Midsummer festivities require flower print outfits. Have a great Midsummer ! Here's some party music - a song that I'm very much liking at the moment.



It's been wonderful couple of days (for those who love dresses). Media has been full of pics of Princess Victoria's wedding (of course!). I was also at a wedding on Saturday. My outfit was nothing as fancy and beautiful and perfect as the wedding pics spreading all over the Internet -- but here it is anyway.

Dress is from Valkoinen Elefantti
Scarf is a present, Dior
Bag, Chanel
Shoes, Zara

And now to the Royal wedding and the dresses (Crownprincess Victoria's dress was so modern and very her own style). There were so many favorites! 
 all pics borrowed, Scanpix


Beige + Silk = Perfection

Hello from WeddingLand. Last weekend was the N°1. (Today the N°2. ) Anyhow, haven't had time to present my by Malene Birger beige perfection - and last weekend I was wearing it for the first time. The dress is from Stockholm from their own store (which opened during Spring to sthlm). I love it. Here it is.

Dress by Malene Birger
Silk belt from Muotikuu
Silk flower from Muotikuu
Shoes Marc by Marc Jacobs


Swallows all around

Birds are everywhere now. I don't really like birds in nature - actually, I find them a bit scary. However, in print it works wonderfully. Like the miu miu print (especially in shoes!) - it's crazy good looking. As I thought, Zara was of course selling their own version of the swallows. 

Below, miu miu ad campaign (borrowed)
net-a-porter dress
my dress from Zara


What to wear when: Going to a graduation party ( on a rainy day)

This evening I will be spending at a graduation party. Since it's rainy and gray I thought that blue flowery (silk )dress goes well for the event. It's so hard to choose what to wear! The same problem occurs every now and then even though there would be 5 more dresses in the closet. Pffff.... However, since it's not so sunny and wonderfully summerish, my outfit goes well for the occasion. Paired with a huge cocktail ring, smoky eyes and black ballerinas. Here I come, and the rain won't stop me!

The print in close.


Rag & Bone - so different and so genious

I'm not really into the whole lets-already-think-about-resort2011 and would quite honestly just forget that there are other seasons than summer. However, Rag & Bone collections are always surprising and that's something that should be appreciated (who wants to see the same pieces again and again???)... Here are my favorites from the resort 2011. The last look with the red dress - ooohhhh!!!!

ps. i love the model. how perfect does she look?!!!!

all pics borrowed from style.com



I've recently become a fan of yellow gold. I wasn't really into it before but especially during summer when your skin is nicely tanned and you can wear color, it looks good. Here are some really beautiful pieces by Dicha. (available here ) They're yellow gold-toned, so not really gold (btw, real gold is really expensive at the moment because it's market price has gone up) and vintage. I'm really into vintage jewellery! I wish I had loads of money to spend on jewelry and I would only shop in vintage design auctions (but gladly I don't since I would probably become like Rachel Zoe and go crazy with vintage jewelry).

all pics borrowed from net-a-porter


Girls' night out

Tonight is the night for all girls! We're gonna hit the town with power of 18 girls. First the movie (SATC 2 premiere), then drinks! xoxo