3 +1 bags

I admit that I love bags and see them as art pieces to invest in. However, I think this applies only for classics and would never spend a fortune (fortune equals over 3000 €) for an IT (which can easily cost 10 000 and more €) bag. I do think buying a piece that stands time and trends is a good investment, and it's proved as even Bukowski believes in classics (!). So what are the bags that a girl should have? Here are my babies I carry around.

A tote for daytime (and business) to carry around almost everything a girl might need and loads of stuff one doesn't need but carries around either way :)
I've had this Mulberry Bayswater for years and love love love it.

The must have bag which is a classic. Mine is a Chanel.

The times in between... medium sized handbag with chain-link strap. This is Marc by Marc Jacobs, baby groovee in color taupe. It changes color according to the light and in this pic it looks more like gray/anthracite. 

 Also, I think everyone should have one smaller bag for daytime use to carry around only small things (a wallet, cellphone, lipgloss, keys etc.) for days that you feel like you'll survive without your "everything".

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