Hälsningar från Stockholm

Hello hello hello...a new week (and March) has started. My weekend went great and Stockholm was once again as good as ever even though the weather was as lousy as here (=grey and slushy).

The trip was work. Or at least half work since on Saturday we had some free time and we mainly concentrated on shopping :) yippee! The Nordic conference (the part which was work) went well and I fell in love with their office. It's such a great space. Especially Happy Socks made an impression.

We also had some fun (the part which was not totally work) and went out. First, we went to a small place in Södermalm. It was great. Such a cozy and warm little place. Afterwards, we went to a totally different place, Café Opera. (pics below).

On Saturday, we dedicated the few hours before our flight back to Helsinki for shopping. Monki and Weekday were of course on top of our lists. As well as Urban Outfitters, By Malene Birger and Granit.

I've been looking for a by Malene Birger belt for a long time. I saw it in an editorial in the Swedish Elle before christmas, and it has been on my wish list since. Luckily I found it. And also a beautiful dress for summer parties, which is perfect. (I will present it in later posts...)

 Viikonloppu vierähti Tukholmassa konferenssissa, yössä sekä shoppaillessa. Toimistolla ihastuin valloittaviin Happy Socks:iin. Suomesta niitä saa tietääkseni MyOMy:sta. Södermalm on ihastuttava, ja käväisimme siellä sekä after workin puitteissa sekä shoppailemassa. Café Opera toisaalta edusti aivan toista tyyliä, ja oli hieno sekin. Lauantai tosiaan vierähti nopeasti kaupoissa juoksennellessa, sillä vapaa-aikaa oli muutama tunti ennen lentoa. Monki sekä Weekday ja by Malene Birger, Urban Outfitters ja Granit olivat ihan ykkösiä. Nyt sitten ollaan takaisin loskaisessa ja harmaassa Suomessa. Onneksi shoppailusaldoon päätyi vyö, jota olen etsinyt pitkään, ja muutenkin viikonloppu oli kaiken kaikkiaan erittäin mukava.

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