Maria! the style icon

Maria Veitola was wearing the H&M heels during her live show on Thursday (4th). The style icon (once nominated as the best dressed 2009 by Elle readers (@Elle style awards 2009) wore the oh-so-much-attention-gathered heels with a lovely florar printed dress. The shoes are sure best-sellers (at least after Maria! show). The blog world has been holding its breath as they were introduced last week for the bloggers at H&M's showroom breakfast. Here are the pretty ones.

Marialla oli jalassaan torstaina ohjelmassaan H&M:än uuden kevätmalliston mokkanahkaiset korkkarit, jotka puhuttivat bloggareita viime viikolla järjestetyssä Hennesin showroom brekkari-tapahtumassa.

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