Finnish Catwalk 2010

Tomorrow evening will be full of Finnish fashion. I think we are still ages away from Sweden and their fashionweek but this is still something. (I don't even want to mention the London or Paris fashionweeks since it would be a crime to discuss them in a same sentence with Finnish catwalk)

Most of all I am looking forward to Mirkka Metsola. Turo Tailor is also exciting. Then there are the familiar Nanso and Jousipaita. (yep, do not compare with Acne, Minimarket, Monki, H&M or Whyred)

Huomenna Finnish Catwalk 2010. Mirkka Metsola esittelee mallistonsa, sitä odotan innolla. Ei kuitenkaan verrata Finnish Catwalkia Tukholman muotiviikkoon, sen verran ollaan vielä naapurimaata jäljessä.

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