The biggest fashion event of the year in pictures

Finnish Catwalk 2010 was held yesterday at Wanha Satama. The event is the biggest fashion event of the year and I must say it was ok (better than I had expected and better than before)...but still not quite there yet. Anyhow, here are some pics. My favorites were Turo Tailor, Antti Asplund's "swan" (or whatever he wants to call it) and Mirkka Metsola. So here you are.

Vuoden muotitapahtuma Finnish Catwalk 2010 pidettiin eilen Wanhassa Satamassa. Messut jatkuvat läpi viikonlopun. Tässä kick-off tilaisuus kuvina. Henkilökohtaisina suosikkeinani toimivat Turo Tailor, Antti Asplundin "joutsen"-mekko sekä Mirkka Metsola. 


Finnish Catwalk 2010

Tomorrow evening will be full of Finnish fashion. I think we are still ages away from Sweden and their fashionweek but this is still something. (I don't even want to mention the London or Paris fashionweeks since it would be a crime to discuss them in a same sentence with Finnish catwalk)

Most of all I am looking forward to Mirkka Metsola. Turo Tailor is also exciting. Then there are the familiar Nanso and Jousipaita. (yep, do not compare with Acne, Minimarket, Monki, H&M or Whyred)

Huomenna Finnish Catwalk 2010. Mirkka Metsola esittelee mallistonsa, sitä odotan innolla. Ei kuitenkaan verrata Finnish Catwalkia Tukholman muotiviikkoon, sen verran ollaan vielä naapurimaata jäljessä.


Cosmo Beauty Awards 2010

Yesterday Cosmopolitan held its Beauty Awards at Circus. Evening in pictures.

 Heikki Paasonen hosted the evening and was quite funny tackeling the names of different beauty products.

Yllä kuvia Cosmopolitanin Beauty Awardseista Circuksesta. Heikki Paasonen toimi juontajana ja viihdytti vieraita lausuessaan vaikeiden kauneustuotteiden nimiä.

Wish you were a model?

Oh_My_ ...
Alexander McQueen is known for the crazyness but this time I really am in a shock. I hate snakes. This is so awful. Poor model. However, the campaign is succesfull as long as it brings out feelings in people...yep yep.

pic borrowed from Fashionair


Lack of energy

 What is it with these Mondays? Even Vitaminwater can't help me. 
I found it from Citymarket couple of days ago and thought I must try it (read: Gossip Girl product placement evidently worked on me...)
This morning however nothing could have helped me...I was so tired. Now to bed, tomorrow Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards.


Winter Rescue

It's freezing cold and whatever you do (...read: loads of clothes until you look like a Michelin man) your face is still frozen after a 5 minutes walk. My skin is sensitive so the only thing to do is to try to pamper it as much as possible. Thanks to this face lotion I have survived quite well.

Talvella kasvojen iho joutuu koetukselle. Avènen kasvovoiteen ansiosta olen pärjännyt läpi paukkupakkasten. Suosittelen kaikille herkkäihoisille.


Put a ring on it

Yesterday I rewarded myself with a little something I have been craving for a while. A Rings Eclectic ring by Melanie Lynn (from Gaudete). I like it a lot. Big rings is the thing for me at the moment.

 A beautiful ring like this needs a classic manicure.

Hektisen työviikon jälkeen palkitsin itseni kauniilla sormuksella, jota olen pitkään jo halunnut Gaudetesta. Kauniin sormuksen kaveri on klassinen ranskalainen manikyyri.


Next week...

Next week will be busy. I have already started to think about what to wear to two different events. First one is Cosmo's Beauty Awards which will take place on Tuesday at Circus. Friday evening will be exciting as Finnish Catwalk 2010 kick-off event will take place then. aaawwww, what to wear!

Ensi viikolla tapahtuu. Tiistaina on Cosmopolitanin Beauty Awards ja perjantaina Finnish Catwalkin kick-off tilaisuus. Pitää alkaa miettimään, mitä pistää päälle. Miksi taas tuntuu, ettei kaapista löydy yhtään sopivaa kolttua?


My love for Chanel

Chanel is at the top of my list as the brand of all the brands. I love it. Especially because of it's timelessness. The bags and jewelry are my weakest points. I simply drool over them...(haha, luckily not, but in my mind though...) Above some examples why it deserves it's place.

Yllä ihania Chanelin koruja. Chanel on ajaton ja todellakin ansaitsee ensimmäisen listasijan brändien brändinä.

all pics borrowed/ Chanel


Discount dresses

Last Friday my order from Asos finally arrived. I made couple of good bargains. Here they are.

Dresses S'nob and Ted Baker.

Yllä ale-shoppailujen tuloksia. Mekot S'nob ja Ted Baker.


My triwa

Here's a pic of my Triwa watch. And my cute orange-rouge nails (nail polish Revlon...it's great).

Tässä Triwa-kelloni. Oranssinpunainen kynsilakka Revlon.


About Comfy knits and repeating myself...

As it's cold I feel like wrapping up to comfy knits. I found them last summer when I started to buy light super comfy knits. Now during winter I have found myself buying same kind of comfy knits in different colors and little bit warmer. And here I go again, I bought one from H&M for spring. The fabric is light and sheer so I guess it goes well during summer as well. With dresses and so...Here are some examples. (btw, I have these in grey, black, white and now this rose...)

And then...I found another pattern with my buying habits. Plaid shirts. Especially blue ones. What is it with me?!!?

Huoh...Olen huomannut kulutuskäyttäytymisessäni joitan toistuvia kuvioita. Kuten sen, että viime aikoina olen ostanut mukavia, pehmeitä neuleita kaikissa eri väreissä. Myös ruudulliset (etenkin siniset) paidat tuntuvat miellyttävän minua.


Princess Madeleine wears Triwa...

... http://www.triwa.com/site/page.php?pg=405
Luckily mine is bought already. Those watches are probably long gone...

Princess Madeleine wears Triwa?

The new cover of ELLE Sweden (January 2010) stars the Princess Madeleine. She is wearing white all the way, including the watch, which seems to be similar to mine. I doubt it though, it's probably a fancy Chanel or Gucci which just looks a lot like mine. Anyway, she looks great (as always) and she is wearing her own clothes (no puffing sales there...).


Winter Wonderland

Here is one of my favorite views in the world... our summer house. Very wintery view.

If you want to cheer up your Sunday feeling...go HERE and listen to Wonderland.

Sunnuntaimaisemia yllä... ja sunnuntaifiilistä TÄSTÄ linkistä.


Discount shopping

Here are some of my finds from January sales. I have to say I am not that good in discount shopping. Especially when it's January and all I would like to buy is summery clothes...this means that I sometimes only buy the new SS collections instead of the clothes on sale. Anyway, this year I managed to buy something nice.

Tässä tammikuun ale-löytöjä. En oikeastaan ole kauhean hyvä ale-shoppailija, sillä yleensä mieleni tekee ostaa vain kesävaatteita.