This week's inspiration

The holidays are almost here. I'm so much looking forward to the warmth (of Florida and the Carribean). However, it's been so cold and snowy that I might have forgotten how to dress lightly - and I still need to decide what to pack with me.

Check out net-a-porter.com 's Vacation Style File

On my wish list...

Cartier love bracelet. See the whole collection here


Detail of the day

I've long searched for the perfect golden (-ish, not real gold) watch. The item was found from Spain, Massimo Dutti. Here above I've paired it with my Whistles bracelet.



These beauties are the comfiest 10cm heels I've ever had. I could easily wear these for a whole weekend without taking them off. They're so light and comfortable. The minute I put them on I knew that I would be crazy not to take them - how often can you say you have really comfortable 10cm heels?!

Shoes by Russell & Bromley, bought from London


Behind the scenes

Last week at Hair Up. Before - it was kind of a chaos. After - I looked like a proper rock chick.
For those who are wondering what is going on above, Hair Up was a hair modeling gig I did last week. Fun! You're being pampered the whole day (hair, make up, nails, clothes, hairdo...) and all you have to do is be on stage for half an hour. Cool.


New Jewelry

Below some favorites of this fall.
 a ring from London

 Satin necklace by Style & Butler



For this winter it should be red. Lipstick, dress, heels, hair...you decide.


In my beauty box

My beauty routines include always under-eye cream, even though it wouldn't reduce wrinkles I want to believe so. And I also believe that it reduces puffiness etc. (maybe I'm an advertising victim...). Oh well - whatever. Here's my rescuer to all hard mornings. Dior Hydra Life Crème Sorbet Yeux Pro Jeunesse - even the name sounds so healing.


Sneak peek to my closet

The depressing fall is officially here (with rain and cold weather). It affects to my moods, thus I feel like wearing more darker shades (and you really couldn't just wear a bright flowery silk dress right now). So my wardrobe is going through a change through the season change. Storing away the summer dream dresses and pulling out the season appropriate wardrobe.

Below one of the favorite dresses of this fall, zebra tiles printed silk dress from Whistles. I love the zipper in the back, makes the whole dress.


Lanvin for H&M

Preview of the collaboration collection. Hmmm. I'm not sure if I'm liking this whole let's bring high fashion brands to affordable fashion stores. There's a reason why it's expensive (or affordable). And the piece of clothing is still H&M even though it would be designed by someone as appreciated as Alber Elbaz. However, who cares if it looks pretty, huh?

More about the collection preview here.


Lady Gaga was awesome!!!

Lady Gaga had such a great show yesterday. She's so talented. And the wardrobe was as eccentric as you could imagine. Don't want to ruin the fun for you guys, go see yourself!


Share the love

I'm sharing my love for Maje. (I've never understood those people who don't want to share their discoveries about fashion and they fake that they don't remember where one piece was from...why?) Rather than keeping it all to me, I'm showing you WHY the brand is so great and why I'm in love with it (apart from the obvious reason that my name is written all over their stuff and I could buy every piece of their collection).

The perfect Parisian chic with a girly edge. What's not to love?

Vanessa Traina is the brand's new face. She's so cool. (One to follow...)

all pics borrowed here


Dolce & Gabbana + D&G (by Dolce & Gabbana)

Since when did I like Dolce & Gabbana? I have no idea. I guess since last week and Milan fashion week. When I think of the brand(s) my mind fills with leopard print, black bras and corsets and for some reason femme fatale, dramatic and theatrical clothes... So I was truly surprised with the almost all white and lovely lace collection (and I must admit that Dolce & Gabbana and even less D&G is my style - and I almost never even bother to check their collections) that I LIKED! I'm blaming it all for the white, the lace and the embellishments (=all things that i like). But somehow it doesn't explain why I also liked a lot the animal print incorporated to white lace pieces... hmmmphhh...

Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2011 RTW

D&G Spring 2011 RTW

Love the floral print, so pretty and girly!