I have a new acquaintance: House of Elliot. They have beautiful pearls.
I don't know why I did not know the brand before, sometimes you get this feeling that "why haven't I heard about this?" and this was exactly the reaction I had yesterday. The whole collection that I saw was great, different pearls in different sizes. All of them real but grown and done differently. I don't really know that much about pearls, so I just pay attention to how it looks and feels.

So, eventually, this is what I purchased.
Chanel-alike pearl necklace. Quite big pearls actually, they add little something to any outfit and look also nice just like that as a double necklace.

Earrings. Wonderful color. I just love them!

Multiple color, different kinds of pearl 2m necklace. This one can be worn in so many different ways. Either just simply as a long long necklace with a knot.

Or then as a multiple layered necklace.
Or then twisted and attaching the two ends with a clip.

Nice bags always make me happy.

As I only heard about this brand yesterday, I am not so sure where one can buy these but at least from Piucca and I recommend to go check out their website here.

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