Party season

Party season is full on. Little x-mas parties and parties for any occasion are filling our calendars. This means many different outfits. I started to make a list what to wear in each of the parties (as I always do...yep, weird freak I am...) and it looked a bit like this:

*nude + black dominating colors
*sparkle = sequins
*silk,layers, puffy short skirts
*pearls, loads of pearls
*super high heels

Then I thought I would do a collage of my outfit options but found a better pic to demonstrate my ideas what to wear.

This pic (borrowed) is from the H&M holiday collection. Sums up pretty much my thoughts. Sequins, short puffy skirts, nude + black, pearls and headpieces...Yep. I think this is the way to go. More of my outfits for the parties to come later.

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