Big News

Oh, I have waited this day for soooo many years!
They have finally announced that Victoria's Secret is planning to launch in Europe. Finally !

It's been at least 10 years since my first experience of Victoria's Secret. I had read about it in magazines and when I got to New York, my number 1 shopping mission was to find their store. So...we walked and walked and walked until we found it. And I fell in love so much. The whole concept is perfect! Store, products, packaging, shopping bags, dressing rooms... it was a whole new level of branding that I experienced...even though I was quite young and did not understand it fully then.

Later, at school we had an assignment to write and present a new brand concept in Finland that was not here yet. My partner and I decided to take Victoria's Secret. When doing the research we found out that they had no plans to launch in Europe. It said something like this in their mission statement "We are not interested in expanding anywhere else than the current market of the US" It was pretty clear, no Canada, no south-america, no europe. Blah.

Okay, enough about my this and my excitement! Let's hope this news is right and we get it here asap !!!
Rest of the article and the borrowed pic ( above) here.

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