Yesterday...What to wear

Hohhoijaa. Eilisilta menikin hippaloidessa, sillä ohjelmassa oli synttärijuhlia enemmänkin kuin vain yhdet. Ensimmäisissä käväistiin kotibileissä ja toisissa oli vuorossa kolmen sankarin kolmikymppiskarkelot. Motellet oli tapahtumapaikkana ja ilta vierähtikin nopeasti open barin myötä yksityistilaisuudessa. Dress code:na toimi sweet&sexy, joten asuni valitsin tämän mukaan. Kuva on surkea, mutta ei voi mitään....luonnonvaloa kun ei marraskuisina iltoina oikein riitä.
Hame on Hennesistä ja väri on powder rose, vaikka kuvassa ei ehkä ihan erotukaan. Toppi ja sequin bolero molemmat Gina Tricot:sta.

Panta toi lisää tyttömäisyyttä asuun ja rannekorut kimalletta juhlaan.

Yesterday we had a couple of birthday parties to attend to. First one was a house party and second one a private party @ Motellet with a dress code of sweet & sexy. Therefore my outfit was chosen according to the dress code. Girlie stuff suits me so it was pretty easy to make up my mind what to wear. Layers, powder rose, black and sequins.


THE cutest pair of shoes

Äh, aina vaan sataa. Suomessa marraskuinen sää on kyllä surkea. Rakastan henkilökohtaisesti käyttää korkkareita (tai kankaisia converseja) aina, kun mahdollista, mutta joskus niitäkin pitää kuivatella. Nahkakenkiähän ei olisi hyvä käyttää sateella laisinkaan...joskus lukemastani Tarsalan haastattelusta muistan, että hänen mielestään Suomeen sopivat ainoat oikeat kengät ovat kalossit. Haha. Not gonna happen!

Nämä ihanuudet ovat tuoneet ystäväni Esba + M Stokiksesta pari vuotta sitten. Love them! Tyylini on muutenkin aika tyttömäinen, joten farkkujen ja T-paidan paras kaveri on söpöt kengät.

Oh, no. Why does it always have to rain in Finland in November? The wearther sucks and it's hard to find a proper pair of shoes since leather+rain don't like each other. This pair I've gotten from my lovely friends Esba + M from Stockholm. Thank you chicas!


Change is good

JEEEEE ! Olen onnellinen uuden Darling -topin omistaja <3 Menin sitten kuitenkin ja ostin sen Malene Birgerin tunikan/topin, josta bloggailin pari päivää sitten. Se oli Stockan exclusive-päivillä 10% alessa, joten tunsin pakottavaa tarvetta ostaa se. Se sopii täydellisesti tuleviin pikkujouluihin, jotka ovat luonteeltaan enemmänkin tyttöjen ilta :)

Since today, I am going to write also in Finnish. Just because.... There is no particular reason but I just felt that I needed to improve my blog somehow. (Like in life, going forward is good...) Also, I have to say that I'm not that strong as I thought I would be...remember the Malene Birger top I blogged about recently? Well...I felt that I actually really needed it, so I went and bought it (with a 10% discount). But, it suited perfectly AND it's perfect for the little x-mas parties that are more casual.



I'm not friends with photobucket and right now, I don't have the energy to learn another system...sometimes there is just too much technology and stuff to learn. Nope, so...until later...here is the smaller pic that was supposed to appear nicely. haha.



Yesterday my choice of colors was powder rose with sequins and black as I joined my friend to a lovely glögi-evening.



...I passed by the women's clothing section @ Stockmann's (in search for a Malene Birger belt) and fell in love with this top...did not buy it though (since I don't really really need it). I just wanted to share it since it's so pretty <3
pic borrowed from net-a-porter.com where the top is also available

Rachel Zoe Project

I have totally forgotten to write about my newest subject of enthusiasm: The Rachel Zoe Project. Even though it does not show here in Finland (yet...at least that I know of) I have been watching it through real-time tv (on web) and I am totally hooked on it.

Rachel Zoe is a famous stylist who styles for Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Garner and many other celebs. She has a great eye for fashion and she does not copy, she creates looks which is something I admire. She is also a fashion freak, which makes the show fun to watch. In one episode she visited Coco Chanel's former apartment and almost fainted for the sake of it. She lives purely for fashion.

pics borrowed from bravotv.com



Best dressed of the week: Alexa Chung. Love her and her style! Even though she is slouching a bit she looks great. I want to steal her pretty idea of wearing a dressy dress with ballerinas. How great it looks!

Alexa Chung with Jason Wu

Poppy Delevigne with Richard Chai

Poppy looks amazing. Floral dress with a jacket and the gladiatorish heels.

Anna Wintour with Diane von Furstenberg as hostesses of the event. Pay attention to the shoes! Powder colored peep toes, they are definitely on my wish list! Stylish and chic... wow.

pics borrowed from fabsugar


Twilight - New Moon

New Moon premiers tonight! The night that many people have been waiting for some time. The vampire hype cannot be avoided anymore... As Vogue put it: even though you might think it's all for teen girls, you might just give it a chance and end up being very surprised.

I accidentally picked up the first part of the Twilight series (=Twilight) without knowing anything (it was #1 bestseller so I thought it must be good...) about the whole phenomenon and surprised how hooked I got. The books are definitely worth reading.

pics borrowed, photo shoot for harper's bazaar (not from the Movie)


Party season

Party season is full on. Little x-mas parties and parties for any occasion are filling our calendars. This means many different outfits. I started to make a list what to wear in each of the parties (as I always do...yep, weird freak I am...) and it looked a bit like this:

*nude + black dominating colors
*sparkle = sequins
*silk,layers, puffy short skirts
*pearls, loads of pearls
*super high heels

Then I thought I would do a collage of my outfit options but found a better pic to demonstrate my ideas what to wear.

This pic (borrowed) is from the H&M holiday collection. Sums up pretty much my thoughts. Sequins, short puffy skirts, nude + black, pearls and headpieces...Yep. I think this is the way to go. More of my outfits for the parties to come later.


Le Rituel


"le rituel" by Louboutin and Piper champagne.
This shoe is made of history. The story goes that the ritual was to drink champagne from the shoe of one's favorite courtesan. Now this ritual is brought back to life as it is reborn as a Christian Louboutin shoe.


Marc by Marc Jacobs

Marc by Marc Jacobs shoes are the best. They feel so good (even with a high heel...I own a pair and they are my favorite heels). As previously pointed out, net-shopping is so easy. Now I think I am developing an addiction. Formerly I did not do e-shopping that much. Today I have ordered Jimmy Choo for H&M flats and these wonderful Marc by Marc Jacobs flats that are so cute and pink. I actually got an adrenaline rush when I won the bidding in eBay. Dangerous, dangerous place!


Big News

Oh, I have waited this day for soooo many years!
They have finally announced that Victoria's Secret is planning to launch in Europe. Finally !

It's been at least 10 years since my first experience of Victoria's Secret. I had read about it in magazines and when I got to New York, my number 1 shopping mission was to find their store. So...we walked and walked and walked until we found it. And I fell in love so much. The whole concept is perfect! Store, products, packaging, shopping bags, dressing rooms... it was a whole new level of branding that I experienced...even though I was quite young and did not understand it fully then.

Later, at school we had an assignment to write and present a new brand concept in Finland that was not here yet. My partner and I decided to take Victoria's Secret. When doing the research we found out that they had no plans to launch in Europe. It said something like this in their mission statement "We are not interested in expanding anywhere else than the current market of the US" It was pretty clear, no Canada, no south-america, no europe. Blah.

Okay, enough about my this and my excitement! Let's hope this news is right and we get it here asap !!!
Rest of the article and the borrowed pic ( above) here.


What comes out of the bag...

Aaaahhhh. I think my new favorite color is grey. Especially when attached to nude pink / peachy coral. Since lately my purchases have been either grey or nude pink, it has made me question myself (since these are the colors I never used to wear). What is the matter with me? I think ads and the fashion world have brainwashed me ...nonetheless, I do think they look good together. Oh, well... here are the items I shopped from H&M (as promised in the last blog post).

Using belts with the baggy shirts make your body look a bit slimmer but feminine.



I have a new acquaintance: House of Elliot. They have beautiful pearls.
I don't know why I did not know the brand before, sometimes you get this feeling that "why haven't I heard about this?" and this was exactly the reaction I had yesterday. The whole collection that I saw was great, different pearls in different sizes. All of them real but grown and done differently. I don't really know that much about pearls, so I just pay attention to how it looks and feels.

So, eventually, this is what I purchased.
Chanel-alike pearl necklace. Quite big pearls actually, they add little something to any outfit and look also nice just like that as a double necklace.

Earrings. Wonderful color. I just love them!

Multiple color, different kinds of pearl 2m necklace. This one can be worn in so many different ways. Either just simply as a long long necklace with a knot.

Or then as a multiple layered necklace.
Or then twisted and attaching the two ends with a clip.

Nice bags always make me happy.

As I only heard about this brand yesterday, I am not so sure where one can buy these but at least from Piucca and I recommend to go check out their website here.


Microtrend/ swiss dot tights

pic: style.com

Tights are the accessory of the moment to play with. Especially swiss dot tights seem to be popular. So if you want to cheer up your LBD during the high season of little x-mas parties and cocktail parties, rely on the dotty tights.

Diane Kruger @ popsugar (pic borrowed)

I bought these tights from H&M couple of weeks ago (about rest of the buys...coming up later).

I am going to wear the swiss dot tights with this casual LBD from Gina Tricot.


Shopping online

Shopping online is so easy and effortless. Besides, it saves time and energy from running around looking for something that does not exist in the stores. This is what happened to me when I was looking for a shower curtain. If I only were smart enough to have started from online, so I would have saved loads of time.

Oh, well...I ended up finding what I wanted from H&M Home. Just a few clicks and a week of waiting, and now I have all I was looking for. This is what the shower curtain looks like.

I ended up ordering pillowcases for my living room as well. They match the other sofa I have in the living room perfectly, so I was really happy about the find.

pics borrowed from H&M Home