What to wear...

...to a wedding.

Yep yep, it is time for a great celebration. On saturday, my boyfriend and myself are attending a wedding. The trouble just is to decide what to wear. It's gonna be a fall-wedding so I thought fall-ish colours, not anything too bright. So I have narrowed down my choices into two dresses.

Black is always classic but it might be a bit dark choice. If I decide to wear the blue dress I need to choose the accessories to it.

Satin belt with a bow or just a simple narrow black leather belt...

...or a belt of feathers which are blue and black (mixed)...

ASH shoes (above), dark blue suede or... Pura Lopez (below) with black satin.

They suit well for a wedding. Hats are for summer and I don't think I could pull it off anyways...so this would be perfect. If I could decide which one to wear. (oh well... maybe i will leave it to the hairdresser...)

Oh, I can't wait. Weddings are so much fun! Yippee!

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