What to wear...

...to an opening of an exhibition.

Tonight I am going to an art event. It is a photography exhibition Over 2 degrees which is aiming at increasing awareness about climate change among the young. The opening happens at Motellet and the exhibition is at place until the end of October. The idea is to collect as much fund as possible for Dodo.orgs "Ilmari" - project. If you are interested and want more info, go check this out.

Well, anyway. The decision of what to wear is still to be made. I am leaning towards the always so chic LBD. And as I want to be comfortable, Filippa K is my choice. They have the best designs. I really love the brand. Anyhow, I am pimping up my outfit with pearls and some red heels. And as it is quite cold already, I am adding long leather gloves to my outerwear to complete the chic look.

This is my dress. (pic borrowed from filippa K)

Natalia Vodianova at Givenchy (pic borrowed from Harper´s Bazaar). As an inspiration.

My shoes. From Zara. (bought couple of years ago)

The dress. Accompanied with Snö of Sweden pearls. And a bracelet (below).

The gloves. Selected.

sorry for all the bad pics. in a hurry!

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