my favorite pieces

I'm a big fan of jewelry. I feel naked without my rings, earrings, bracelets etc. I have couple of favorites that I wear all the time.

Couple of years ago I started to wear a watch again. Before that I just checked my phone to know what time it is. However, now I could not manage without my watch. It is also an accessory for me. My watch is a Fossil and I have changed the wristband to it. I usually wear some bracelets with the watch.

These two rings are my favorite pieces.Both of them are gifts, the right one being a silver Kalevala ring (sydän= "heart") and the left one a Gucci white gold ring.

I own probably close to a one hundred pairs of earrings. I think I should get rid of some old ones since I do not use them anymore. Lately I have worn bigger and bigger earrings. Pearls and these (above) buttons are my favorites at the moment.

Pearls. Aahhhhhh! They are so classic and always good looking. This bracelet is a gift from my boyfriend, it is a DPN. I like DPN since the jewelry is classic but somehow contemporary. I like!

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