As I have pointed out earlier, I love jewelry and I usually always wear some (or lots). This means that I also own quite amount of them...and therefore they need to be easily accessible. I found the perfect solution (thanks to Char who presented hers...).

The two jewelry racks are from Nougat and they are by Lisbethdahl. I simply love Danish designs, they please my esthetic eye :) The orchid is a gift from my boyfriend.

These are the everyday bracelets I mostly use (so not all of them). Snö of Sweden dominates in my collection of jewelry. Second comes the pieces from Urban a. I mix metallic, silver and white gold jewelry.

Pearls are the best. Again, mostly Snö of Sweden and couple of bracelets from Urban a. My favorite (the DPN pearl bracelet) I wear almost everyday. Pearls (real ones I mean...) need to be worn often since they need the moisture that comes from the skin.

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  1. I also adore jewelry and I always wear them! Sno of Sweden dominates in my collection of jewelry too! That orchid from your boyfriend is so gorgeous!